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Saints have yet to visit White House |

There is a lot of ceremonial stuff that happens at the White House. As a sports fan though one of the coolest ones for me is when sports teams are honored at the White House. 

If you haven’t noticed yet, the New Orleans Saints have not yet visited the White House in honor of their Super Bowl win this year. Mike Florio of “Pro Football Talk” is reporting today that the delay is to be blamed on Saints owner Tom Benson. It should be noted that Tom Benson is a Republican. He’s backed both George W. Bush and John McCain in their Presidential bids. He’s also donated generously to the GOP.  

This is pretty low isn’t it? I can even excuse him somewhat for not wanting to go to the White House but why has he not flown his team to Washington yet? Heck, Barack Obama like most of the country hopped on the Saints bandwagon this past season. Has anyone else heard anything on this lately? Has any other owner tried something similar recently? I can’t recall one.

Read Mike Florio’s full story on this. Saints have yet to visit White House |

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Congratulations to the “Who Dat” Nation

Congratulations New Orleans. As I mentioned earlier today for the first time in a decade I wasn’t rooting heavily for one team over the other. A couple of weeks ago there were plenty of people counting this team out yet again after their late season slump.

It was so hard to root against this team given what this they’ve been through in the post Katrina rebuilding process during these past 4.5 years. Their stadium was used to hold refugees trying to escape the carnage. Their stadium faced major damage and for a year they played all 16 games on the road. There were plenty of discussions about whether this team should be moved out of New Orleans. After all the city was destroyed. There was financial hardship everywhere. Football should have been way down on people’s priorities right? Wrong. This city loves their Saints. It was great to see the NFL and the Saints show love to this city. We talk all the time about what is wrong in the world of sports, this has been a great example of how sports can be great.

What Super Bowl Ads should I go back and watch? Had the volume down for most of the game. With 30 people here it was loud. From what I caught, the human bridge looked pretty good. The Letterman/Oprah sequel starring Jay Leno seemed good too. What else? The commercials are all up on Hulu  by the way.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the party is like in New Orleans right now. A lot of schools have already cancelled classes for tomorrow and most businesses will probably see workers call out. There is no need to make up an excuse about being sick. Your boss will understand!

The pictures above are courtesy of my sister’s blog.

Reebok New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Locker Room HatNew Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Reebok Official Locker Room T-Shirt - 3XL

How many of these Reebok New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Locker Room Hats do you think Amazon and others will sell tonight? Same goes for the  New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Reebok Official Locker Room T-Shirt. Have to say these look pretty good. These Locker Room Hats/Shirts are usually pretty ugly in all sports. Soak it in Saints fan and buy. It’s not every day that your team wins. So whether it is the hat or shirt (what I prefer to buy) or  Blu-ray or DVD. Enjoy it. I’ve had a rough run with my teams. The Leafs haven’t won since 1967. The Angels haven’t won since 2002. The Raptors still haven’t won one. The 49ers haven’t won it sine 1994. I’ll post an entry some time in the next couple of days on the Giants win from a couple of years ago. Have some great stories related to that as I worked for a sporting goods store at the time. By the way, any Giants fans out there want a Giants Super Bowl hat? I have a few new ones still sitting around.  If you don’t know they obviously have some Colts merchandise printed to for local stores and the stadium itself. That stuff is on its way to Haiti tonight.

Just look at the crazy amount of stuff available for purchase already. Winning a championship sure is one hell of a stimulus to the local economy!

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Super Bowl XLIV (Super Bowl 44) Predictions

Super Bowl Sunday! Can not believe that it is here already. What a great year we’ve had. We’re left with the two teams who for the most of the season were picked to be here. The two teams that started this season a combined 27-0. For the first time since Super Bowl XXXV when the Baltimore Ravens defeated the New York Giants (incidentally Saints Head Coach Sean Payton was the offensive coordinator on that Giants team) I find myself with a Super Bowl where I don’t have a team that I really would like to see win over the other. I know it is cliché but I’m just hoping for a great game.

If the Saints win, the party might never end in New Orleans. Everyone knows that this is a city that loves to party . City officials have already announced that there will be a parade whether the Saints win or lose. Is there another city in America (Detroit?) that just needs something to celebrate at this point? How can you root against this team? How can you root against Drew Brees? He went to New Orleans and has done great charitable work in the city through his “The Brees Dream Foundation”. When he signed with them, a lot of people questioned what exactly he was thinking. This was a franchise that had never won anything. There were plenty of talks of moving the franchise out of New Orleans altogether in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was great to see the NFL and Saints ownership stick by this city and be a symbol of what needs to be done to rebuild the city.

What more can you say about Peyton Manning? When all is said and done he’ll probably go down as the greatest to ever play the position. It is a shame that the Colts chose to lay down in the final two regular season games because this team should be playing for a perfect season right now and what would have been one more major notch on Peyton Manning’s legacy. Another championship for Peyton Manning means that we can stop the ridiculous group of people who try to argue that that Brady’s been half as good as Peyton Manning. Had Manning played with the defense that Brady had earlier in his career he might have had 5 rings already. The injury to Freeney is a big setback for the Colts.

This is a big day for the Manning family who are widely recognized as the “First Family” of New Orleans. The patriarch Archie Manning played 11 good years on a really bad Saints team. He never did win a Super Bowl. He was an analyst for Saints radio broadcasts but gave up that job once Peyton Manning came into the league. The Saints were playing the Colts that year and Archie didn’t feel like he could keep things he found out from meeting Saints coaches and players from his son. We all know what a career Peyton’s had. He won his ring in Super Bowl XLI. Eli Manning won his ring the following in Super Bowl XLII. There are those in New Orleans who think a Saints win today would be in part be dedicated to Saints legends of the past like Archie. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees has his own indirect ties to the Manning family. He was the Chargers Quarterback who get let go after the Eli/Phillip Rivers/Big Ben NFL Draft.

I went 0-2 vs the spread last week which dropped me to 5-5 in the playoffs.. We’re coming off of two straight all-time great Super Bowls. I just get the feeling that we’re due for a bad one. There are projecting a high scoring game. Steve Young on ESPN earlier today picked the Saints 45-42! This has the potential for a shootout with these two offenses but Super Bowls usually don’t end up that way. As someone mentioned on TV yesterday, offenses are usually a little jumpy in the first 7-8 minutes so the defenses get a nice head start. With that being said and done I am going to take the Colts -6 to come out on top. You’ve had a nice little run New Orleans and America owes you a debt of gratitude for eliminating Brett Favre last week but this one is about Peyton Manning’s legacy. Colts win 38-20.

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