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Clueless “fans”

One of the biggest problems in sports right now is the fact that there are too many people who manage to go to games but are far from real fans. There really isn’t much that can be done to combat this but as ticket prices go higher and higher this problem continues to get worse.

I’ve written about similar stuff in the past but experienced it again this past Sunday. I was at the Mets/Yankees game on Sunday and sitting behind us was this woman in a Derek Jeter T-Shirt. When she saw the starting lineup she seriously asked out loud “why is C.C Sabathia batting?” Ugh!

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Hey Yankee fans….shut the hell up.

Watch the video first.

Can Jorge Posada be any dumber? What the hell is he whining and crying about? Two Blue Jays got hit yesterday. Edwin Encarnacion (who homered earlier in the game) and Aaron Hill. Carlson threw a pitch behind Posada which was no where near him….you couldn’t even call it head hunting because the pitch was no where high enough.

Posada then goes bumps Carlson….when he had no reason to. Credit to home plate umpire Jim Joyce who tossed Posada immediately. What I want to know what the hell was Posada thinking? This is nothing new for him. Don’t get me wrong….I’m sure he’s a good guy. He does a lot of charity work in the NYC area. But he’s a hot head…there’s no where around it. He’s done this in the part in Red Sox series as well. The Yankees haven’t clinched the division yet. They are 5 up in the loss column and heading out on a west coast swing….and still play the Red Sox again this season. Now Posada faces a suspension. He could’ve ended up with other teammates suspended or worse….hurt. What a selfish move from a supposed leader on the team.

This brings me to Yankee fans. Can’t help but laugh at some of these clowns. Of course most of these clowns are young fans. Same bandwagon fans who would’ve been Mets fans if the Mets had 4 World Series in 5 years in the 90s. It has been hilarious listening to WFAN today. Yankee fans calling in and saying this “fires up the team”….are you serious?

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Whoopi Goldberg needs a better staff

Generally I don’t have much of a problem with celebrity sports fans. A lot of people have a problem with celebrities sitting court side I usually don’t. They’ve made their money and can spend it in any way as long as they are not hurting anyone. What I do have a problem with is bandwagon sports fans who know absolutely nothing. Whoopi Goldberg who I am a fan of was one of the speakers at the Giants Super Bowl parade. About a week later on The View she had no idea that David Tyree and not Amani Toomer was the one who made “the play.”


Bandwagon Fans

I’ve mentioned this a million times before….but I really do hate bandwagon fans. As most of you know I work for a sporting goods retailer. So last night 2 men in their 30s walk in (each wearing Giants apparel) to the store. They were looking at football jerseys and all of a sudden one of them laughs and points to a Carolina Panthers Steve Smith jersey. He asks me why we still have that jersey in stock? I question him as to why we would not? His response? “Doesn’t he play for the Giants now?”

So bandwagon Giants fans. Steve Smith from Carolina is #89. Steve Smith from Giants is #12 and not related at all to the other Smith.