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BREAKING NEWS: Edinson Volquez has been suspended 50 Games

If you saw my earlier post you probably did look around for any updates and an update just came from Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

reds pitcher edinson volquez suspended 50 games for PEDs. story up on soon.

Well there you have it, it is quite a shame too because Edinson Volquez had a very big year in 2008. Jon Heyman now has posted his story.  Early reports are saying that Volquez can serve the suspension while on DL. This makes him eligible for return in June when his injury was supposed to keep him out until July. So he loses 50 games pay but he wasn’t going to play those 50 games anyways. It is a loophole but I don’t really see how they can avoid it but everyone who gets Tommy John Surgery can take PEDs now and know this.

On a related note, keep in mind that Volquez was traded for Josh Hamilton who has a well documented substance abuse history but has not been suspended since he cleaned up and returned to baseball.

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BREAKING NEWS: MLB PED suspension imminent!

Looks like we’ll be talking about steroids for the next little while. During the World Series last year I wrote about there not being many names released from the “steroids list”. After the A-Rod story broke last year I figured we would have seen a couple of more names too. I am honestly shocked that we haven’t seen names get leaked one or two at a time every couple of months.

There does seem to be a Performance Enhancing Drugs related suspension coming very soon.  There is no word on who the player is but that didn’t stop some people from accusing players but the story was first reported by Will Carrol of Baseball Prospectus yesterday.

“PED suspension coming.” 

It was a simple tweet but it ofcourse has created a wide spread scramble as everyone tries to figure out who the player involved is. He posted some more details in his column yesterday adding that the player is reportedly a pitcher and the player began an appeals process about a month ago. Just moments ago Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports reported that the player involved is a National League pitcher. This really does have me curious. Which pitcher could it be? Anyone have guesses?
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APNewsBreak: McGwire Admits Using Steroids

File this one under “Duh!” or “Obvious”. Mark McGwire has admitted to steroids use. Something that some people have suspected for around two decades with him. None the less you knew this was coming once the St. Louis Cardinals hired him as a hitting coach.

Now, just think how much different his legacy would have been if he had chosen “to speak about the past” back when it mattered.

I will say once again though that I am surprised that more names haven’t been released tied to steroids. I wrote about it at length during the playoffs.

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PEDs and the World Series

Here we are are about 30 hours away from the start of the World Series and so far these Major League Baseball playoffs have been all about Alex Rodriguez. The man who when all is said and done will retire as the baseball player with the greatest offensive statistics of all time has finally won over a large chunk of the baseball media and fans who were always critical about his lack of “clutch” hitting. 

It was back on February 9th of this year that Alex Rodriguez sat down with Peter Gammons of ESPN and confirmed the reporting of Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts that he had indeed failed a steroids test in 2003. There are reportedly as many as 104 names people on the list the list the US Government seized back in 2009. The Major League Baseball Players Association disputes that number. Earlier this year the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 9-2 decision ruled against Federal Agents saying they did not have the authority to seize that list.  

The list contains names of players who allegedly failed the 2003 MLB administered test. The test was supposed to be anonymous and destroyed after the results but Federal Agents seized the list. Ever since then names have been leaking out slowly. The list is also in the hands of lawyers including those involved with the BALCO case. So far we know for sure 7 names that were on the list.

Everyone is familiar with the story. Everyone has a different opinion on it. There are those like me who just want the whole list to just come out at once. This would be the ideal solution. We all know that a significant number of players used Performance Enhancing Drugs. It helps no one that these names trickle out one by one every few months and dominate the headlines. The “clean” players have done a horrible job here. Yes, they are part of the union but every day that passes by they are just letting themselves be associated with cheaters. If the MLB and MLBPA really thinks these names won’t continue to be leaked they are just fooling themselves. Both the MLB and MLBPA have already acknowledged that baseball did have this cloud over it. Yes, I know they only did so once Congress got involved but all parties involved need to take the next step and put this era behind us.

When all the backlash against Barry Bonds began at the start of this decade I continued to root for him. I felt all along that he was being hung out to dry by everyone because of his personality. Barry Bonds never came across as the friendliest guy in the room. He wasn’t out there doing commercials like pretty much every major star does right now. He wasn’t kowtowing to the media either. In that process he made a lot of enemies who took great joy in his downfall. The problem here is that fans, media and the MLB all continue to be hypocrites. The media has let guys like Alex Rodriguez get a complete pass. They’re falling all over him in this year’s playoffs. Why is no one asking whether this man who’s already acknowledged cheating might still be doing it? Human Growth Hormone is still a problem in this sport. Would anyone really be surprised if it comes out later that Alex Rodriguez was caught using HGH? Fans around baseball have been hypocrites. These players get booed in other ballparks but are revered in their home ballparks. New York Yankees fans who used to regularly criticize Barry Bonds on sports radio now give curtain calls to Alex Rodriguez. These same fans did it for Jason Giambi and Andy Pettite.

The media continues to give Alex Rodriguez a complete pass. Everyone is covering this as though this is some great feel good story. Why is everyone forgetting that just 8 months ago this man was exposed as a cheater and a fraud?

What are the MLB and MLBPA gaining from withholding these names? They know they will come out eventually. Shouldn’t the MLBPA be looking for it’s entire group? Every time a name is leaked that one player faces the spotlight for a couple of months. Why not just do it all in one shot in a controlled atmosphere and put it behind you?

With that said I’m shocked we haven’t seen another name or two get leaked during this year’s playoffs. With Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz having been named earlier this year I fully expected another name or two to be leaked with the spotlight of sports fans on the MLB in October. I mean, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to cause damage to baseball?

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A-Rod continues to be a fraud

What a waste of time this A-Rod press conference from Tuesday ended up being. Why bother to hold this event if you didn’t have the intention to answer some legitimate questions? The Q&A lasted about 27 minutes….not nearly long enough. You would think that the Yankees would have been smarter about it and try to start putting this behind them…but for whatever reason they chose to not go that route. The moment they said that there would be no follow ups, you knew this would be a farce.

The idea was to clear up the story…instead he complicated it more. Did someone really bring illegal drugs into the country for him? He claims he didn’t know how to use the drug or whether they did work…but still injected himself roughly 72 times over a 3 year span? If you believe that I got a bridge….well you know how the saying goes.

He’s going to have to go through another one of these. I am fairly certain there is going to be more revelations when Selena Roberts’ book “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” comes out on April 14th.

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Minaya decided against adding McNamee to staff in ’07

Brian McNamee, the former strength trainer for Roger Clemens and a primary figure in Major League Baseball’s doping scandal, was close to becoming a member of the Mets’ coaching staff last season, according to the New York Post.

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Kudos to Omar. Boy were we close to having the Mets be the “face of steroids” in NY rather then the Yankees.

Clemens phone call

So how many people here watched that Clemens conference call? The call does nothing to change my view on Clemens. Brian McNamee comes across as a joke….but at no point in the call can you definitely say that Clemens in innocent. Read more on the call here. Only good thing Clemens did was agreeing to appear before congress…..not that he had much of a choice there anyways. When asked if steroid users are cheaters….he refused to say so. When asked about the HOF he said he doesn’t care about the HOF which I don’t believe. On the call McNamee repeatedly asks him what he should do……and Clemens not once asks him to retract his statement. To me all the taped conversation does is prove that McNamee is some loser trainer who feels bad he outed one of his clients.

Phony Yankees (and their fans for that matter)

So all of a sudden all that Yankee “class” goes away? How desperate do the Yanks look right now? It will be that much sweeter to see the Yanks not win it this year with the hired gun. I like how Yankee fans are “welcoming him home”. He had a 3.99 ERA here. He had 3 of his worst years here. Aside from the one 20-3….the rest of team carried him to the championships. You idiots do realize that he’s pitched for the Yankees in only 4 of his 23 big league seasons right?

Did anyone hear the press conference with Clemens? I love how he dodged the questions about the travel perks.

How sweet would it be to hear Clemens’ name in the whole Kirk Radomski saga? How sweet will it be if Clemens lands on the DL.

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Palmeiro turns in teammate?

Manager: It might be best if Palmeiro does not return this season
By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer
September 22, 2005

NEW YORK (AP) — Rafael Palmeiro’s season with the Baltimore Orioles might be over.

Orioles interim manager Sam Perlozzo said that if the first baseman had disclosed the name of a teammate who supplied him with the substance that led to Palmeiro’s suspension for steroid use, it probably would be best that Palmeiro not return to the team this year.

The Sun in Baltimore, citing unidentified sources, reported Thursday that Palmeiro had identified a teammate by name when he testified before baseball’s arbitration panel in an attempt to overturn the suspension, which followed a positive test for stanozolol.

“If in fact that was true, then it probably would not be a good idea” for Palmeiro to return, Perlozzo said Thursday before the Orioles played the New York Yankees. “It’s all speculation as far as I know.”

Congressional investigators have been interviewing the Orioles following Palmeiro’s 10-day suspension, which began Aug. 1. Palmeiro went 2-for-26 with one RBI after his return, and was sent home by Baltimore on Sept. 5 for rehabilitation on his right knee and left ankle.

“I know that he still would like to come back,” Perlozzo said. “He doesn’t want to be a distraction and all that. I pretty much told him that as far as I was concerned, it was an organizational decision.”

Orioles executive vice president Jim Beattie said no decision would be made until Friday at the earliest.

“We’re talking to Raffy right now about that,” Beattie said in a telephone interview. “Rather than comment on hearsay — I don’t think it’s a proper thing for me to do — we’ll wait and see when we get into the office.”

Perlozzo didn’t discuss with Palmeiro what he may or may not have disclosed.

“I did not ask him,” he said. “I didn’t think that was my job.”

Perlozzo understood that if Palmeiro was questioned by investigators, he was bound by the rules if the inquiry.

“I would think if you’re under oath, you tell the truth,” Perlozzo said. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”

Palmeiro’s situation is complicated, so Perlozzo wanted the front office to make the decision.

“A lot of things factor in,” he said. “Is he going to play or is he not going to play? How much is he going to play? And is it worthwhile to take that chance?”

Arn Tellem, Palmeiro’s agent, did not return a telephone call seeking comment. House Government Reform Committee spokesman Dave Marin declined comment.

Palmeiro, who turns 41 on Saturday, is batting .266 with 18 homers and 60 RBIs. He got his 3,000th hit on July 15, joining Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Eddie Murray as the only players with 3,000 hits and 500 homers. Palmeiro’s 569 homers rank him ninth on the career list.

Baseball has not said when the positive test occurred.

Updated on Thursday, Sep 22, 2005 6:55 pm EDT

No idea on who the possible teammate could be but obviously people are gonna jump all over Sosa.