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BREAKING NEWS: MLB PED suspension imminent!

Looks like we’ll be talking about steroids for the next little while. During the World Series last year I wrote about there not being many names released from the “steroids list”. After the A-Rod story broke last year I figured we would have seen a couple of more names too. I am honestly shocked that we haven’t seen names get leaked one or two at a time every couple of months.

There does seem to be a Performance Enhancing Drugs related suspension coming very soon.  There is no word on who the player is but that didn’t stop some people from accusing players but the story was first reported by Will Carrol of Baseball Prospectus yesterday.

“PED suspension coming.” 

It was a simple tweet but it ofcourse has created a wide spread scramble as everyone tries to figure out who the player involved is. He posted some more details in his column yesterday adding that the player is reportedly a pitcher and the player began an appeals process about a month ago. Just moments ago Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports reported that the player involved is a National League pitcher. This really does have me curious. Which pitcher could it be? Anyone have guesses?
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