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Former FEMA Director “Brownie” makes a Super Bowl Pick

I know everyone and their mother likes to make a Super Bowl prediction but former FEMA Director Michael “Brownie” Brown should have probably kept his pick to himself. Yes folks, the man who was widely criticized for his horrible mismanagement of FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has picked the Indianapolis Colts to win this year’s Super Bowl. In the immortal of words of George W. Bush….”Hecukva job Brownie!As @dukestjournal mentioned on twitter Michael Brown did work with Colts in his old gig!

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God doesn’t like Republicans

So I’m online today at and I saw this:

If anyone’s been following other news, a hurricane is expected to strike Louisiana and Mississippi sometime early next week. You know, for the party that runs on being all about Jesus, apparently God hates them if he’s going to remind the world of Katrina during the Republican convention.


Nice built in excuse they get for keeping Dubya away from the convention if they want to….that is if they don’t just delay the convention altogether.