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TMZ: Leno gets hour long “Tonight Show”

According to TMZ, Leno and NBC have struck a new deal. Guess this means I won’t be turning on NBC at 11:30. What a dumb move. Can’t believe NBC failed this miserably with the situation. Way to make a mockery of one of the greatest franchises in TV history. Way to pick the less funny guy for a 2nd time. What a disaster.
NBC will at best be the 4th option at 11:30 for me. Conan, Colbert and Letterman are all miles ahead. I’m not even counting the fact that if those guys are having off nights….I’ll put on ESPN instead. So….good riddance NBC.
P.S Can someone pass a memo to NBC saying that “Late Night” is supposed to be funny. Could they possibly pick two more more boring guys then Leno and Fallon?

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POTUS and Special Olympics

Haven’t seen the full interview from Leno yet but just saw the clip in question and I don’t get the uproar. Watch the clip first.

To me it it looks likes he mentions “special olympics” because the crowd cheers his low score and the way Leno reacted to his low score. Am I wrong?

Someone already posted a clip from Rush the comedian on Youtube from today. Watch that clip.

Am I wrong that Rush completely took this out of context and is twisting words yet again? This of course is the same comedian who mocked Michael J. Fox.

Yup…yet now somehow Rush cares. Where was the outrage from the right at that point?

By the way the full Obama/Leno interview is embedded below.