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Chris “Maddog” Russo appearing on WFAN Friday?

If you follow sports radio anywhere in the United States chances are you have heard of “Mike and the Maddog.”

For almost two decades they ruled the New York airwaves. They’re credited as being the original sports talk show guys. WFAN was the first all sports station in the country and they became a major part of it. It was an odd pairing. At times….very odd. They fought a lot in the early days…..and eventually one of those fights let to the end of their great partnership.

Last year Chris Russo left for Sirus Radio to never be heard from again (I kid!). Couldn’t really blame him. For years it was reported that he was always paid less then his partner. That never made any sense to me. They were a team….a solid one at that. They contrasted each other’s styles well and brought the best out of each other on the air.

Russo said an emotional goodbye last year….and hasn’t been back on the station since.

There was a rumor of a possible Chris Russo appearance on Mike Francesa’s show at the Super Bowl this year….but it never materialized. The two have been at war over guests.

Earlier today Chris Majkowski who’s a producer at WFAN tweeted that Russo will be appearing on the station tomorrow.

For those listening on our flagship, Francesa and Russo will be together to start the show tomorrow at 1:05 from Yankee Stadium.

Sal Licatta who is Mike Francesa’s producer would not officially confirm.

Looking forward to it. Should be great radio.

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