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“Hello World?”

It has been reported for a while but Rory McIlroy was officially introduced as a “Nike Athlete” earlier today. This puts the two biggest names in golf under the Nike umbrella and predictably Nike already has a great commercial with them.

When Tiger Woods first signed with Nike this was the commercial Nike released.

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McIlroy wins US Open

Just a quick follow up to my post earlier in the day. Just wanted to take a moment and just say….WOW!

I don’t know if there is a better way to describe what we witnessed this week. He played about as perfect as anyone can play four round of golf. I can’t help but think that part of his success this week was his visit to Haiti last week as a representative of UNICEF. Did it help him to further put his 80 in perspective knowing how blessed he had been already in his career?  He hit 62 out of 72 (86.11%) greens in regulation and when he didn’t he pretty much always drained the long par putts. How many times this weekend did it seem like he hit the big putt? It really is scary because he had his share of misses.

Courtesy of

I absolutely loved the way the crowd got behind him. There is no doubt in mind that him handling the disaster at The Masters so well earned him a ton of fans this weekend. The chants of “Lets go Rory!” were amazing. I have watched a lot of golf over the past 16 years but this was just something else. I don’t think even the gallery support for Phil Mickelson when he finally won a major was as great as the support McIlroy received this week.

Hopefully this is the start of many more major titles for him. While it may be unfair to tag him as the man who will eventually break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, his success in his young career so far will only make those comments more frequent. Will he start to play more on the PGA Tour? How much pressure is there on the Tim Finchem and the PGA guys in the coming weeks to get him to play on the tour since Tiger is on the downside of his career and Mickelson isn’t getting any younger. As of right now McIlroy is only scheduled to play two more tournaments in the US and that would just be a shame.

Courtesy of Rory McIlroy’s Twitter feed

The Golf Channel actually showed footage earlier of him taking that picture.

By the way, what was Shane McMahon doing next to McIlroy’s father?

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Rory McIlroy

The countdown is on for the coronation of Rory McIlroy. NBC goes on the air at 1:30 PM Eastern but McIlroy won’t tee off until 3:20 PM. There is rain in the forecast but hopefully it stays away. 

I didn’t get to watch his round live yesterday but caught up late night courtesy of the DVR. There is no way McIlroy blows this. This is not the same situation as the Masters. Yes, he had a four shot lead going into the final round there but that lead was gone by the time he was on the 2nd hole because Charl Schwartzel was shooting lights out. The lead is just too big here. He showed yesterday (I believe it was the 3rd hoel) that he would play it safe when need be when he just chipped out to the fairway.

There is already talk of him being the one to potentially chase down Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. Padraig Harrington mentioned it this week too and McIlroy was asked about it yesterday. McIlroy’s response? 

“Oh, Paddy, Paddy, Paddy,I’m still looking for my first one. That’s all I can say. I’m looking for my first one. I’ve put myself in a great position to do that (Sunday), and then we’ll see what happens from there.”

He said all the right things including  but if there is a guy on the tour today who will chase down the record (or come close) it will be McIlroy. Yes, everyone talks about him shooting 80 but lets not forget that coming into this US Open he had played in eight majors and already had three 3rd place finishes. In those eight majors he has four top 10 finishes and 6 top 20. Keep in mind that he is just 22.

I absolutely loved the “Lets go Rory” chants yesterday. To me his is the anti-Tiger which is one of the biggest reasons so many (including me) have become big fans in such a short time span. The way he handled his letdown at The Masters can only be described as classy. Even in the aftermath of the disaster at Augusta I thought he would return to greatness. He is great with the media and even better with the fans. By the way make sure you follow Rory McIlroy on Twitter.

I know we’ve been here before. Sergio Garcia was hyped up as a potential Tiger rival (and the thought wasn’t crazy at the time) but I don’t think Garcia ever had the mental makeup for it which is a shame because I absolutely loved watching him play.

By the way, Oakley which sponsors (and dresses) McIlroy is busy selling shirts that he is wearing here at the US Open although like pretty much everything else they are available for cheaper on Amazon. 

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VIDEO: Leader crashes on final turn of Indianapolis 500

I have watched a lot of open wheel races in my life but today’s Indianapolis 500 definitely provided one of the craziest finises ever.

I was flipping back and forth between the race and the French Open all afternoon and thus missed the news that Danica Patrick was low on fuel when she took the lead. It is a shame she is going to NASCAR because I am more of an open wheel race fan. Would have loved to see her win.

How can you not feel bad for 23 year old rookie J.R Hildebrand? He was leading the race on the final turn of the race when he crashed into the wall trying to pass a car that he was about to lap. What a shame.

Where does this crash rank all time in sports history? I can’t recall ever watching something similar. It is surely one of the biggest choke jobs ever right? Heck, it probably is a bigger choke job then Rory McIlroy at The Masters this year.
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