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Looking back at the 07/08 Raptors

Coming into the year I had really high hopes for this team. Key injuries throughout the year pushed that optimism to the side somewhat but when the Raptors drew Orlando in the first round I along with many others let out a sigh of relief. I thought it was a favorable match up for the Raptors. Hats off to Dwight Howard. Man did he play like Superman.

Going into next year the Raptors need to trade away T.J Ford. I like what he brings to the team. I was even in the minority that somewhat liked the trade when he was brought to Toronto. His time with the team has passed by though. The team plays with a much better flow with Calderon on the court. I look at Calderon as being from the Steve Nash /Jason Kidd/John Stockton mold. Guys who don’t need to take shots but make guys around them better. Calderon needs to be the starter on this team. Ford obviously has a problem with that…..why let him return next year and cause a distraction?

CB4 is CB4. I don’t have many worries about him but he needs to be tougher inside. That goes for the team as a whole. The Raptors as a team need to be much better at the glass.

I like Bargnani. Definitely want to see him have a bigger role with this team next year. I think his jump shot is such a major asset to have. Hopefully he can draw the opposing teams big men out to the perimeter helping out the team on the glass.

Trade Nesterovic as fast as possible. His value will never be higher. With him and Ford the Raptors actually have a couple of nice trading chips.

Parker needs to take more plays. I don’t get why he doesn’t shoot more or create more plays? He’s definitely a lot more talented then his stats from this year reflect.

Moon was a big surprise this year. Looking forward to see what he brings to the table in year two. I love the energy he brings to the court.

Being at Games 4 and 6 in New Jersey last year was amazing. Watching the team in person I thought for sure that it was the start of something great for the city of Toronto. Hopefully the 08/09 group can restore that promise.