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“Please shut off your phone”

What is it with people not shutting off the volume on their phones in public places?

It is a widespread problem. There is always that one person who forgets to do it when going to a Mosque (I’m sure Churches and and Synagogues have the same problem), NBC Nightly News had a fun story about this tonight.

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NBC is bringing back live coverage of the Olympics

NBC will broadcast every event of the 2014 Olympics live on one of its platforms. This comes in the aftermath of them securing the broadcasting rights for all Olympics until 2020. ESPN and Fox who were competing against NBC had vowed to show every event live if they had secured the rights.

All I can say is that it is about time. I’ve written about this in the past as well because they tape delay their tennis coverage as well. They took it to an extreme this past weekend during the French Open final when they tape delayed the trophy presentations to fit in extra commercials after having showed the matches live! I was talking to my brother in Canada as the trophy presentation started here and he told me it was about to end there.

Tape delayed coverage in the 21st century made no sense to me whatsoever. I don’t think NBC’s prime time ratings will be hurt all that much by airing events live during the day because the people who were at work, at school or sleeping will still tune in to watch the prime time show. NBC has way too many platforms for them not to be to show everything live. Between NBC,MSNBC,CNBC,Bravo, USA,Syfy and Versus they have more enough options. Heck, I’m sure I missed a couple more.

I hate tape delayed coverage because next to locking yourself into some room without any piece of technology it is next to impossible for something to not be spoiled for you. News shows up on twitter before it does anywhere else. I have a ton of friends who are sports fans so a text message or a facebook post can easily spoil a score. Turning on ESPN or even something like MSNBC or CNN is out of the question because they would report on the events. Going to pretty much any news site would leave you with the same problem as well.

Is there anyone out there who developed a good strategy to not have result spoiled?

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2010 Winter OlympicsMario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Some thoughts on Obama’s trip to Edison, NJ (and pretty much anywhere else)

If you have been following my twitter feed since yesterday you’ve seen me talk about Barack Obama’s trip to Edison, NJ that is scheduled for tomorrow. As I mentioned right here on the blog yesterday, the venue he’s visiting is just 1.3 miles from where I live.

Here is the place on Google Street View. The building is the first one on the right.

View Larger Map

What it led me to wonder is, how much does a trip like this cost the tax payers? Now, anyone who knows me, reads this blog regularly or follows me on twitter knows that I am far from one of those ridiculous right wing fanatic who claims that Obama should never leave Washington for anything. But how much does a trip like this cost the tax payers?

According to 2002 article for the Washington Post by Mike Allen “taxpayers pay the full $57,000-an-hour cost of flying Air Force One regardless of the trip’s purpose.” According to NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio that number has jumped to $69,000 per hour in 2010. That same article mentions that the costs of the Secret Service amount to $45,000 per day. Earlier today I drove by the venue that President Obama is going to be at tomorrow and saw new security cameras set up everywhere. The Burger King across the street saw part of its parking lot covered by a tent (for the press pool?).  Verizon trucks were doing work around the building and across the street. The intersection I mentioned yesterday has new “traffic cams”.

Friends of mine in Edison received automated phone calls warning of road closures in and around the area tomorrow.

The store he will be speaking from will be closed to the public until 3 PM. Obviously they don’t need to be compensated because the boost they will get from the “Obama effect”. I’m sure a lot of people will make their way there over the next few weeks and months just because Obama has been there. But what about the pizzeria across the street that will lose business because of the street being closed all day? Do they get reimbursed in some fashion? I doubt it, but can’t seem to find anything on it online. What about the Burger King across the street? Is taxpayer money going to a company that big? If you find articles, videos or anything else on it please send them my way. I’d be interested to know.

Is this event meeting going to be aired on the White House website? For a couple of thousand Dollars shouldn’t he at least be doing a larger public event giving more people the opportunity to see the President in person?

Edit: Just found this article addressing concerns of nearby businesses.

By the way, you can follow tweets related to Obama’s trip to Edison below.

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Bob Costas interviews Stephen Colbert

Did you guys catch Stephen Colbert with Bob Costas last night on NBC? Hilarious stuff as you would expect. Check it out here. As you may or may not Colbert is in Vancouver with the US Speed Skating team. He was recently on the cover of Sports Illustrated, He is also taping bits for his show which will return with new episodes on Monday.

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TMZ: Leno gets hour long “Tonight Show”

According to TMZ, Leno and NBC have struck a new deal. Guess this means I won’t be turning on NBC at 11:30. What a dumb move. Can’t believe NBC failed this miserably with the situation. Way to make a mockery of one of the greatest franchises in TV history. Way to pick the less funny guy for a 2nd time. What a disaster.
NBC will at best be the 4th option at 11:30 for me. Conan, Colbert and Letterman are all miles ahead. I’m not even counting the fact that if those guys are having off nights….I’ll put on ESPN instead. So….good riddance NBC.
P.S Can someone pass a memo to NBC saying that “Late Night” is supposed to be funny. Could they possibly pick two more more boring guys then Leno and Fallon?

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What are you watching Sunday Night?

Fans in the New York market will be torn Sunday Night. Because of the rain in New York Saturday night Game 6 of the American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles of Anaheim has been postponed to Sunday night. At the same time Sunday Night Football will be on too with the New York Giants taking on the Arizone Cardinals. What will you be watching at around 8:30 Sunday night?

Football obviously is the bigger thing nationally and should win the ratings war for NBC over Fox’s MLB telecast. What happens is the New York market will be completely different. The Yankees/Angels game should crush the NFL game and destroy NBC’s ratings in the New York market. NBC 4 in New York even has a special edition of the Sunday sports show “Mike’d Up” planned but it will be a waste as baseball should crush football in New York rating wise.

People will most certainly blame Major League Baseball for scheduling a game at 8:20 PM eastern time on a Sunday night. What do people expect MLB to do here? Fox has a full slate of NFL games around the country including 3 starting at 4:15 PM. There is no way MLB would take the chance that one of those games goes into overtime leaving the start of a big baseball game like this off of TV. There is no way you can blame MLB or Fox here.

With that in mind thought, what will you be watching tomorrow night?

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Cory Booker is awesome

Not that people from NJ don’t know this already but Mayor Cory Booker of New Jersey is a fast rising political star in this country. There is no doubt in my mind he is going to run for higher office one day, I think the Senate once Lautenberg steps aside will definitely be an option. He’s doing great work in Newark and having fun doing it. Great to see that from a political figure.

Check out this clip.

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NBC Sports and The Wimbledon Fail.

I absolutely HATE NBC Sports right now. It is a long weekend here in the US for most and with that of course comes lots of sports. One of the biggest worldwide sporting events of course is Wimbledon. There is a potentially great semi final going on right now on the other side of the pond between American Andy Roddick and the local favorite Andy Murray. The match up has all the potential to be a great one. But me and lots of other people who live in the US aren’t watching the match right now.

Yes, apparently they can’t skip Martha Stewart’s show for a day. I’ve mentioned in the past and I’ll say it again, I love the NBC does sports. I love their broadcasts from the top down. But, tape delay….in 2009? Seriously? I hate it when they do this with the Olympics, but I’m willing to excuse them for that most of the time given how big of a time difference there is and the good events happening in the middle of the day US time. Fair enough. But today is just inexcusable. Like I mentioned before it is a long weekend here. Most people have access to a TV, especially if you are in the Northeast with all this rain. Why kill the buzz to what could be a great sports day?

The Roddick/Murray match up started around 10:30 AM eastern time. ESPN is not allowed to show it because under the TV contract they sign along with NBC sports they each get to pick one semi final to show. Fair enough…..but someone forgot to mention to them they should be showing it live. Again, its 2009….it shouldn’t be that complicated. NBC will start their coverage on the east coast at noon. That is a full 90 minutes after the match started. Do they jump right into the coverage of the match or will they show the Women’s doubles semi final from earlier today involving the Williams sisters first?

If you were like me and thought to go to and try to catch a live feed there…well it turns out NBC can’t air the match there either until noon eastern because ESPN still holds the Wimbledon rights until that time even though their match ended over an hour ago and right now they are showing the 5th set from last year’s epic final. Why couldn’t they put tennis on USA Network until they were ready to go over to NBC? Was a NCIS marathon really that important? Don’t even get me started on what is on the other NBC Universal networks like Bravo and Scifi.

I really can’t believe that these 90 minutes really help NBC that much. I can understand not wanting to cancel the “Today Show” but airing Martha Stewart’s show is just insane. So an idiot like me who actually wants to watch this match up in its entirety is supposed to cut off from the world, not go to any news or sports website. Can’t turn to any sports channel or even news channel. Can’t go online because I’m bound to get the result spoiled via Facebook or Twitter. Once again…epic fail in the year 2009.

Sucks even more if you are in the west coast. NBC won’t start their broadcast there until noon local time….which of course is another 3 hours later. Pure genius NBC. Let your audience go get the results elsewhere so they don’t tune in. What do you know, I thought the NBC was gonna hurt me this weekend was with lack of news on MSNBC. This my friends is reason #345321143 why I want to be back in Canada.

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