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Why Bush Didn’t Mention Canada After 9/11 | FrumForum

Why Bush Didn’t Mention Canada After 9/11 | FrumForum

In the days after 9/11 George W. Bush gave a speech where he thanked a wide range of countries from Israel to Iran but Dubya made no mention of Canada which had taken 30,000 American travelers when all of the American airspace had been emptied. Why was there no mention of Canada? I’ll let former Dubya adviser David Frum explain. Read the entire passage.

[Bush Speech writer Michael] Gerson shuffled in embarrassment. “We just … forgot.”
We have to fix this, I pleaded.
It’s too late, he answered. The president has signed off on the text. Evidently the president had forgotten too.
Let’s reopen the text, I urged. Futile. Bush was adamant in his demand for an orderly and conclusive speech process, unlike the endless rewrites of the Clinton White House. Once a speech was deemed closed — it was closed.
I returned home that night depressed and demoralized. As my wife and I prepared to watch the speech, I gloomily predicted to her that the Canadian reaction would be savage — and that I’d get the blame.
She countered: “If that happens, why not just tell them truth?”
To this day, she quotes the reply I gave her all those years ago: “Is the truth really better?”

You really can’t make this stuff up.
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NBC Sports and The Wimbledon Fail.

I absolutely HATE NBC Sports right now. It is a long weekend here in the US for most and with that of course comes lots of sports. One of the biggest worldwide sporting events of course is Wimbledon. There is a potentially great semi final going on right now on the other side of the pond between American Andy Roddick and the local favorite Andy Murray. The match up has all the potential to be a great one. But me and lots of other people who live in the US aren’t watching the match right now.

Yes, apparently they can’t skip Martha Stewart’s show for a day. I’ve mentioned in the past and I’ll say it again, I love the NBC does sports. I love their broadcasts from the top down. But, tape delay….in 2009? Seriously? I hate it when they do this with the Olympics, but I’m willing to excuse them for that most of the time given how big of a time difference there is and the good events happening in the middle of the day US time. Fair enough. But today is just inexcusable. Like I mentioned before it is a long weekend here. Most people have access to a TV, especially if you are in the Northeast with all this rain. Why kill the buzz to what could be a great sports day?

The Roddick/Murray match up started around 10:30 AM eastern time. ESPN is not allowed to show it because under the TV contract they sign along with NBC sports they each get to pick one semi final to show. Fair enough…..but someone forgot to mention to them they should be showing it live. Again, its 2009….it shouldn’t be that complicated. NBC will start their coverage on the east coast at noon. That is a full 90 minutes after the match started. Do they jump right into the coverage of the match or will they show the Women’s doubles semi final from earlier today involving the Williams sisters first?

If you were like me and thought to go to and try to catch a live feed there…well it turns out NBC can’t air the match there either until noon eastern because ESPN still holds the Wimbledon rights until that time even though their match ended over an hour ago and right now they are showing the 5th set from last year’s epic final. Why couldn’t they put tennis on USA Network until they were ready to go over to NBC? Was a NCIS marathon really that important? Don’t even get me started on what is on the other NBC Universal networks like Bravo and Scifi.

I really can’t believe that these 90 minutes really help NBC that much. I can understand not wanting to cancel the “Today Show” but airing Martha Stewart’s show is just insane. So an idiot like me who actually wants to watch this match up in its entirety is supposed to cut off from the world, not go to any news or sports website. Can’t turn to any sports channel or even news channel. Can’t go online because I’m bound to get the result spoiled via Facebook or Twitter. Once again…epic fail in the year 2009.

Sucks even more if you are in the west coast. NBC won’t start their broadcast there until noon local time….which of course is another 3 hours later. Pure genius NBC. Let your audience go get the results elsewhere so they don’t tune in. What do you know, I thought the NBC was gonna hurt me this weekend was with lack of news on MSNBC. This my friends is reason #345321143 why I want to be back in Canada.

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Canadian Vacation

I got back from Toronto early Monday. The more I go back to Canada the more I want to just stay there. Its definitely where I want to be long term. A week of vacation time only is not enough for a trip to Toronto. There are so many family and friends there that it is impossible to cover them all in a week. Especially a week when there was a family wedding involved. I have another week of vacation left this year so maybe another trip to Toronto?

The drive back was just ridiculous. A trip that can take around 7.5 hours took almost 12 hours instead. There was a 2 mile stretch near the border that took us over 2 hours to cross. Insane. Caught a bit more traffic in Pennsylvania and took this detour of about 35 through what can at best be described as the “middle of nowhere.” Houses were spread out, there was basically a jungle on both sides of the road, there was no cell phone signal and to top it all of there were no lights on anywhere (including the houses) and it wasn’t even 10 PM yet. Didn’t see any civilization for a good half hour until we came out in Clark Summit a small town near Scranton.

P.S I want to go back to Canada


As most of you already know, Monday was the start of a week of vacation time for me spent in Toronto. I got here after a rather smooth drive of roughly 7.5 hours. Didn’t catch traffic at all along the way and the wait at the border was short as well. Its been nothing but family stuff so far but I am hoping to catch up with some old friends over the next couple of days.

I think I have mentioned this in the past but I love driving in the GTA. The highways are so wide open here and fast for that matter. Living in NJ you get used to driving on 2-3 lane highways and jug handles so this is always a nice change of pace.

It was pretty much a formality but its nice to see Calderon back in Toronto. I have to pick ul a jersey or something while I am here.

2005 NBA Season has been boring.

This is crazy. I DID NOT watch one NBA game from start to finish this year…..hell I don’t even know if I watched the majority of any single game this year. Don’t know what it is…but I just didn’t get into the NBA this year. I’ve only watched one playoff game (the VC game tying shot at the buzzer). I can’t remember not having an interest in one of the 4 major leagues at any point. You’d think with no hockey I would’ve watched more NBA this year but it definitely hasn’t been the case.

…oh yeah, I need my Hockey. Go Canada at the WHC.