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Why Bush Didn’t Mention Canada After 9/11 | FrumForum

Why Bush Didn’t Mention Canada After 9/11 | FrumForum

In the days after 9/11 George W. Bush gave a speech where he thanked a wide range of countries from Israel to Iran but Dubya made no mention of Canada which had taken 30,000 American travelers when all of the American airspace had been emptied. Why was there no mention of Canada? I’ll let former Dubya adviser David Frum explain. Read the entire passage.

[Bush Speech writer Michael] Gerson shuffled in embarrassment. “We just … forgot.”
We have to fix this, I pleaded.
It’s too late, he answered. The president has signed off on the text. Evidently the president had forgotten too.
Let’s reopen the text, I urged. Futile. Bush was adamant in his demand for an orderly and conclusive speech process, unlike the endless rewrites of the Clinton White House. Once a speech was deemed closed — it was closed.
I returned home that night depressed and demoralized. As my wife and I prepared to watch the speech, I gloomily predicted to her that the Canadian reaction would be savage — and that I’d get the blame.
She countered: “If that happens, why not just tell them truth?”
To this day, she quotes the reply I gave her all those years ago: “Is the truth really better?”

You really can’t make this stuff up.
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Barack Obama and Flip Flops

Some conservatives have been up in arms the last couple of days because Barack Obama was spotted wearing flip flops….while in Hawaii……on vacation. How dare he! Surely that is offense worthy of impeachment. right?

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Conveniently articles on Fox and the NY Daily News websites somehow forget to mention this picture of Dubya wearing Crocs.

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Jon Stewart wants to talk to George W. Bush

Last night I posted a video a video of Rachel Maddow making her case for a chance to interview George W. Bush about his new book “Decision Points.”

She’s not the only one who want to talk to Dubya though. Jon Stewart has also made his case for a chance to interview Bush 43.

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Decision PointsThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human RaceThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher's Edition: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction

George W. Bush Book Tour

You may have heard that Dubya has a book out. He’s been all over the place (actually just places where he was likely to receive softball questions) promoting it.

Did anyone else catch George W. Bush’s interview with Matt Lauer? He looked really uncomfortable sitting there and sounded just as clueless as ever. Most of his answers showed just how out of touch with reality he actually was and continues to be.

It’s a shame he will never answer REAL questions about his “Decision Points“. Rachel Maddow summed it up perfectly on her show tonight.

George W. Bush in his own recent history, in just the last few years, has admitted that weapons of mass destruction were not why we went to Iraq. Except in his new book, he regresses — despite admitting it over and over and over again before, despite changing his rationales for war to account for the fact that he couldn’t talk about weapons anymore. Now we’re back to weapons again, Now we’re back to pre-Iraq war Bush again saying that “removing Saddam from power was the right decision….[F]or all the difficulties that followed, America is safer without a homicidal dictator pursuing WMD.”

Saddam wasn’t pursuing WMD. We know it. George Bush admitted it before — but he’s back to making that case again, in the book now. That’s in the book that came out today. That’s why Bush feels good about the invasion despite every thing else that happened.

I know he’s the past President. I know this is a book tour. I know that I’m never going to get to ask him this directly. And I know that we’re a different country now.

But — we’re a different county now.

Are we supposed to fall for this again?

P.S: I’m fired up for Thursday night when Rachel Maddow interviews Jon Stewart.

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Decision PointsThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

Creepy Dubya Billboard

A creepy billboard of George W. Bush has popped up (picture on the left courtesy of the NPR website) in tiny Wyoming, Minnesota. The sign has a picture of Dubya alongside the words, “Miss me yet?”. My answer to that question? “HELL NO!” Agree with the coffee shop worker in this CNN video. I want to know who put this billboard up. I can understand why the group wants to remain anonymous though. I mean, how dumb do you have to be to still publicly support Dubya at this point?

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A Charge Kept: The Record of the Bush Presidency 2001 - 2009Decision Points

Former FEMA Director “Brownie” makes a Super Bowl Pick

I know everyone and their mother likes to make a Super Bowl prediction but former FEMA Director Michael “Brownie” Brown should have probably kept his pick to himself. Yes folks, the man who was widely criticized for his horrible mismanagement of FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has picked the Indianapolis Colts to win this year’s Super Bowl. In the immortal of words of George W. Bush….”Hecukva job Brownie!As @dukestjournal mentioned on twitter Michael Brown did work with Colts in his old gig!

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Perino: “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term”

We are all well aware of Fox’s lies and propaganda. We all know that the majority of the time they just make stuff up. We know they are and have always just been the communication department of the Republican Pary. They have so much practice at lying and spewing crap that they thought this phrase actually made sense.

Yes, that was Dana Perino, a Press Secretary in the Dubya administration. Yes, you did just hear her say that there was no terrorist attack while Dubya was President. Gotta love how Hannity and the other ignorant fool on the panel don’t even bother to jump in and correct Perino. I don’t care how minor of a role Obama just nominated Perino for….that nomination should be withdrawn immediately.

Credit to Media Matters once again for their brilliant work.

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Ridge says Bush era “Terror Alerts” were politcally motivated.

Surprise! Former Head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge says that the Bush government “Terror Alerts” were politically motivated.

This of course is no surprise to many like me who caught on right away. Take a look at some brilliant work Keith Olbermann has done on this in the past.

The Nexus of Politics and Terror

Olbermann’s Special Comment: Chertoff’s Bullshit Terror Alert

Bush administration False Terror Alerts (part one)

Bush administration False Terror Alerts (part two)

Is anyone really surprised?

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Presidential First pitch

One of the oldest traditions in Washington has the President of the Unites States throwing the ceremonial first pitch for one the beltway teams (Senators, Orioles, Nationals) on opening day. Somewhere along the lines baseball and politics ended up mixing together. I don’t think you can get elected President if you say you don’t like baseball. Most Presidents have had some relation or another with baseball. There has been some buzz in the air recently about whether President Obama will carry on that tradition or not. President Taft started the tradition in 1910 and every President since then has done it at least once. While it is a neat little thing….does anyone really care? And for those of you who believe in jinxes….you might not want the President to throw the first pitch at a game that involves your favorite team.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been reading around on Twitter,blogs and other sites that President Obama’s decision to turn down the invitation to throw first pitch at today’s home opener at the Nationals game is “Unamerican.” While I know that this reaction is coming from the extreme right who will criticize pretty much anything the man does….I still find it a little funny. I mean, aren’t there bigger issues in the world for people to care about then this? Did these same people critize Dubya the 3 years he didn’t throw out the first pitch?

While I agree it will be a cool sight tomorrow if President Obama does make his appearance at Nationals Park in his windbreakers and throws a strike in front of what might be the only sellout the Nationals have all year….is it really a make or break thing? Is it really “Unamerican” if he decides to not show up?

Credit to Mike Memoli of “Real Clear Politics” who just a few hours ago posted via twitter

“POTUS sked says he meets w/”senior advisors” at time of 1st pitch at Nationals Park. Don’t be shocked, is all I’m sayin.”

Gotta say that I agree with him. I fully expect President Obama to be there tomorrow….but I’m not going around attacking him tomorrow if he doesn’t show up. I’m sure there are more pressing things on the table then a photo-op….not that it stops anyone from doing so.

Found this list of every ceremonial first pitch thrown by US Presidents. If you have a minute check out these little tidbits on Presidents and baseball. Is it really true that no US President got the ball to the plate from the mound before Bill Clinton?

Barack Hussein Obama

Gotta say I was shocked he did use his middle name today when taking the oath of office. In the days to come it will be interesting to find out whether that was Obama’s decision or if Roberts just threw it in there. When Obama was introduced at the inauguration he was introduced as “Barack H. Obama. ” Gotta say the scenes were amazing. Really wish I’d been able to go. Loved the booing and serenading of Dubya with “Na Na Na…..goodbye.” Amazing stuff.

You might have noticed a little slip up during the oath ceremony and the clowns at Fox News are now trying to stir up some trouble with that. You can’t make this stuff up.

A sign of the times? Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri was twittering at the inauguration.