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Hurricane Irene

Looks like the hurricane downgraded to Category 1 ahead of hitting North Carolina which is good news but the danger is far from over.

Already seeing so many idiots talking about “typical weathermen” and them being wrong. These are likely the very same people who will be complaining if we have extended power outages. The roads get bad here during an average storm so I don’t even want to get into how bad they would with up to a foot of rain falling in a three hour period as was being mentioned last night. I’d rather the Hurricane Center be wrong while being extra cautious instead of being wrong by taking things lightly. If you live in a high rise building and are safe from the flooding don’t take things lightly as the higher you are the more wind damage your apartment can receive. They’ve been talking about being worried about falling debris from skyscrapers in Manhattan injuring people on the ground.

 I don’t know why it is so hard for people to grasp that certain areas are asked to evacuate early so there is less traffic on the roads at the end. NJ has had only a few counties be evacuated so far and there was already a 20 mile backup on the Garden State Parkway (which is like one of the few real highways in the area instead of the typical 2-3 lane ones we get around here). I heard people on the radio complain about the sports station here spreading paranoia in calling for the Giants/Jets pre-season game today to be postponed. Let me bold that part for you…..pre-season game.

NYC folks can find what kind of evacuation zone they are in by going here. You can also find shelter locations there.

If you are on twitter follow @breakingirene

If you want text alerts from your local police department you can do so by registering here. I signed yesterday and already got notified of road closures.

Be safe….get the hell out if their is an evacuation called for where you live. Better to be safe then to put your life in danger or that of any first responders that might have to respond to an emergency.

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“Miracle on the Hudson” plane is at Rutgers Stadium

The “Miracle on the Hudson” plane is bound for a museum in Charlotte, North Carolina by road. Along the way it obviously will take many stops as the truck crews that helping move it obviously need their rest. Just so happens that the very first stop on its journey is 5 minutes from where I live.

The plane is literally parked on the side of River Road right across from the new entrance into Rutgers Stadium. You can walk right up to it and take a picture if you’d like. The street I live on has a “block party” every year and earlier in the day someone mentioned that a plane was at Rutgers. I had heard earlier in the day about the plane moving but I didn’t know Piscataway was one of the scheduled stops. So at 1 AM I strolled over there to snap a few pictures. If you want to see if the plane will be coming to a stop near you follow them on twitter.

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