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Mike Jacobs of Colorado Rockies tests positive for HGH, banned 50 games

Mike Jacobs of Colorado Rockies tests positive for HGH, banned 50 games – ESPN

What a shame. His career hasn’t lived up to the hype that surrounded him after he hit 11 homeruns in his first 30 MLB games and now this? He becomes the first player in North American team sports to be suspended for the use of HGH.

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The New York Mets continue to be a joke

Oh man. I just watched one crazy press conference. In all my years of watching sports and even political press conferences I have never seen anything like it.

The New York Mets just fired Tony Bernazard today. It was a firing that was well overdue. He was the Vice President of player personnel. Not only did he suck at that he just kept getting involved in one instance after another. He reportedly was jumping around in the hallways of the team hotel last year when the team fired their manager Willy Randolph. He’s undermined the manager of the team on multiple occasions. Credit to Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News who first broke the news of his most recent incidents. The Mets have handled this situation really bad from the start.

Right in the middle of the press conference Omar Minaya accused NY Daily News Mets beat writer Adam Rubin of pretty much trying to take down Bernazard because he wanted his job. Really Omar? What on earth was that? That was cheap. If Minaya doesn’t lose his job over this he will NEVER hear the end of it. He just cost a man his job. There is no way Rubin can continue covering the team now. Minaya was horrible throughout the press conference. His answers weren’t convincing at all…and pretty seemed like he rehearsed them ahead of time. He was a friend of Bernazard’s but this was just insane. Just don’t go out and do this if you can’t handle the pressure. Minaya’s answers today weren’t convincing at all. I just heard Rubin on SNY and I have to say I lean towards believing him. It looks like ownership can be in on this too. Rubin in speaking to the media afterward said he had conversations Jeff Wilpon a while back but never Omar directly. Did the Mets really just try to kill a reporter’s career in order to save their own butts?

Only the Mets can botch one PR move after another. When the latest Bernazard reports surfaced he should have been fired immediately. Instead they drag it on until it becomes a public relations nightmare. They finally fire the man but instead creating a bigger story in the process? Go figure. I was on the Omar bandwagon before today….but now have to say that this man has to be fired.

I’ll try to find the clips and post them as I find them.

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Fire Jerry Manuel

I’m not a Mets fan. But if I was I would be calling for Jerry Manuel’s head right now. This man should not be the manager of the team after that 9th inning.

This is not the same man who managed this team last year. It just can’t be. He’s showing no energy out there. His lineup decisions are confusing and mind boggling and his in game substitutions are even worse. To top all of that off, what on earth was he thinking tonight? Why did it take him 3 pitches to realize that Mariano Rivera was on deck? It was baseball 101. You had to intentionally walk Jeter there. What the eventual outcome ended up being is irrelevant. Even if you were dumb enough to think Cervelli would have pinch hit for Mariano Rivera you still walk Jeter just to get Mariano out of the game. Did he explain himself in the post game?

What he’ll end up doing tomorrow is benching Daniel Murphy when what he should be doing is letting someone else manage this team.

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New York Yankees fans make me laugh.

New York Yankees fans make me laugh. Is there a bigger group of more annoying people anywhere on earth? Any Yankee fan gloating tonight is either dumb, lying to themselves, or just way too young and naive to know better. You just got swept by your biggest rivals and should’ve lost tonight if not for an absolute gift. You didn’t win this game….Luis Castillo lost it. Your boy wonder Joba Chamberlain sucked it up yet again. Your bullpen and closer sucked it up again. Get over yourselves. Your team needs a lot of work. Watch the Clip:

If anyone finds the SNY, WFAN and WCBS880 clips anywhere please let me know.
P.S New York Yankees fans suck.

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MLB Predictions

Just realized I hadn’t put my MLB predictions down on paper as of yet. I am really looking forward to this season. Got my package again this year. I think this season will be one of the better ones in recent memory as far as competitive balance is concerned. Check out my over/unders too.

AL East
I really could see Toronto, New York, Boston and Tampa all win 85 games this year. Of course that means that Baltimore probably loses a 100 games this year. The Red Sox are obviously the cream of the crop and should come out on top at the end. Manny and Papi in the middle of the lineup is just too much for pretty much anyone to handle. I really expect the Jays to be very good this year. I really like their pitching and hopefully they can stay healthy. The lineup should score a lot of runs with Rios having a breakout year and announcing his arrival on the big stage. I expect Vernon Wells to have a really solid comeback year. My choice for AL Comeback player of the Year. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are the Wild card team this year but with this division being so deep I’m pretty sure the Wild card comes out of another division. I have a lot of questions about the Yankees. The pitching would really worry me if I was a Yankee fan. What kind of inning limits are Hughes and Kennedy on? Can Mussina bounce back? How will Pettite handle steroid talks over the summer as the Clemens story develops? Who builds the bridge to Chamberlain and Rivera? A-Rod should have a monster year. A season of 55+ HRs wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I like Tampa’s lineup. Pitching is obviously a concern. I like the signing of Percival. How early do we see Price called up? Saw his stuff in the spring and I’m surprised he’s not up on the roster already.

Red Sox
Blue Jays

AL Central
Even with their awful start I will stick to my original pick of the Tigers winning the Central. I’m not just doing it out of the principle either. That lineup is just too good. They will score a ridiculous amount of runs this year and should feast on AL pitching staffs all year. I really don’t think Cleveland is that good. Twins somehow or another pull it off every year. Really pulling for Liriano this year. Wouldn’t surprise me if Gomez won Rookie of the Year. I don’t what to think of the White Sox. Their lineup doesn’t impress me one bit…..and the pitching staff isn’t much to write home about. The Royals? What else is there to say. One of these years they might do something. I love their pitching but don’t see them scoring anywhere enough runs to matter.

White Sox

AL West
It is the Angels division to lose. I like the Hunter signing but am still scratching my head over the Matthews contract from last year. I love the pitching staff even with the injuries. As an Angels fan I really want to see what Adenhart and Wood can bring to the table this year. Contract year for K-Rod so hoping he comes through. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s pitching elsewhere though. The Mariners bullpen is just filthy. I like their starting pitching….but where exactly are they going for offense? The A’s are rebuilding….again. Only thing that matters with the A’s is…where does Blanton end up at the deadline? The Rangers have had some horrible pitching staffs over the years but this year’s group is just horrible. Their lineup is pretty bad too. Millwood probably gets traded at the deadline.


NL East
I think this is the Mets division to lose. The Pedro injury doesn’t bother me. His arm seems to be fine. The Mets should let him come back mid June/early July and keep his arm fresh. I have questions about the Mets lineup but I expect Reyes to have a great year. There is no way we see a repeat of the 2nd half with him. Even with Pedro hurt the Mets have the best pitching staff in the league. Perez is going to get himself a really nice contract somewhere next year. Is Delgado finished? I don’t understand how some of the experts are picking the Braves here. What exactly do they see with this team? I love the Phillies lineup but the pitching staff would bother me if I was a Phillies fan. Which Lidge will we see? Is Tom Gordon really the setup guy here? What’s the over/under on the amount of big games he blows for them? I like the trades that Nationals made in the offseason. I think Milledge is going to be a very good player for them for a long time to come. This is a lineup with some potential when healthy (Do they trade Nick Johnson somewhere at the deadline?)but the pitching is just awful. The Marlins? What is it….a $16 million payroll? Wow. What a joke. Someone strip this franchise from Loria.


NL Central
Love the Cubs. Although I have questions about the lineup I think the pitching is strong enough that they should carry this division. Can Wood stay healthy? Hopefully their ownership saga can be resolved soon as this team could be a player at the deadline. It’s been a 100 years since they won it all. I love the Reds as the Wild card team coming out of the NL. I think that lineup as long as it stays healthy will score a lot of runs and the pitching staff is good enough to keep them in it in the NL. The Cardinals and Brewers are just awful. The Pirates pitching staff I like but that lineup is awful and it’ll only get worse once they ship Nady off to a contender


NL West
If the bullpen can hold it for them this is one of top 3 pitching staffs in all of baseball. What can they get out of Randy Johnson? Webb and Haren will be a handful for anyone in the playoffs to open up a series. The lineup is really young but it should score more then enough runs for that pitching staff. The Giants are just awful . Barry Zito needs a change of scenery. I don’t believe he’s forgotten how to pitch. How much of the contract are they willing to eat up in order to ship him somewhere. I love Lincecum and really like Cain. Too bad none of the big 3 will get anywhere close to the run support you’d expect in the big leagues. This just maybe the worst lineup I have ever seen any team have. Dodgers are a borderline playoff team. If they were in the Central I’d have them be a lock for the playoffs. Torre obviously gives them a lot of credibility. Lineup is good enough….does the pitching hold up? I love the Rockies lineup but the pitching really worries me. Don’t expect a repeat of last year. Padres are right up there with the Dodgers. Another team where I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in the playoffs but with the Dodgers and the D-Backs they’ll be beating each other up all year long.



Divisional Series
Red Sox over Mariners
Tigers over Angels
Mets over Reds
Cubs over Diamondbacks

League Championship Series
Red Sox over Tigers
Mets over Cubs

World Series
Mets over Red Sox

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Minaya decided against adding McNamee to staff in ’07

Brian McNamee, the former strength trainer for Roger Clemens and a primary figure in Major League Baseball’s doping scandal, was close to becoming a member of the Mets’ coaching staff last season, according to the New York Post.

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Kudos to Omar. Boy were we close to having the Mets be the “face of steroids” in NY rather then the Yankees.

Would you walk away from $135 Million

So according to Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated, Johan Santana was pretty close to returning to the Twins for one more year.

Santana, through his agent, Peter Greenberg, had informed the Mets earlier in the day that he wanted $140 million over six years. The Mets were holding firm at $135 million. Santana flew from his Florida home to New York and joined negotiations in Wilpon’s office at about 2 p.m. At 4:55 p.m. — five minutes before the Major League Baseball-mandated deadline — Santana told Wilpon that he was leaving and was prepared to pitch one more year for Minnesota before becoming a free agent. Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, general manager Omar Minaya and vice president Tony Bernazard were among those in attendance.

“I told you I wasn’t backing off my number,” Santana told Fred Wilpon. “I appreciate your offer, but I’m passing on it.”

Wilpon replied, “I’ve been in business a long time. That’s a lot of money to walk away from.”

“No disrespect to you,” Santana said. “But I deserve it. I’ll just go back and pitch and I’ll get it later. Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player in the game. I’m the best pitcher. I’m not even asking for that [Rodriguez] kind of money.”

Santana was about to walk out of the room when Wilpon and Greenberg agreed to ask Major League Baseball to extend their negotiating window by two hours. The two sides eventually agreed to split the $5 million difference, settling at $137.5 million. The deal also includes Cy Young Award bonuses that could trigger an option year. One of the sources said Santana told Minaya, “You get my clause, I’ll get my Cy Young.”


Congratulations Mets fans

Congratulations Mets fans. A ccording to ESPN the Mets have finalized a contract extension with Santana. I’m calling a 20-4 2.24 ERA season right now.


NEW YORK — Johan Santana and the New York Mets completed contract negotiations Friday, the last major step needed to finalize the team’s blockbuster trade with Minnesota.

After the sides were granted an extra two hours to work on a deal, they finished negotiations before the new 7 p.m. EST deadline. The pitcher is scheduled to take a physical, the Mets said.

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