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Chris Kluwe/Donovan McNabb negotiations

It is not often that I write something about a punter.

Actually it is not often that anyone writes anything about a punter. I saw this on ESPN a few days ago but just haven’t had the chance to share this until now. By now you are aware that the Vikings got McNabb to be their quarterback for the upcoming season. You are probably also aware that McNabb has worn the #5 his entire career. #5 on the Vikings was already assigned to punter Chris Kluwe. How did they resolve the matter? Just take a look.

Normally these kind of negotiations lead to someone getting a Rolex, a ton of cash, beer, a vacation or something those lines.

The Jeff Feagles ones are somewhat funny as well.

Last year (2004), he sold No. 10 to rookie Eli Manning in exchange for an all-expenses-paid vacation on the Gulf of Mexico.

“The whole family is flying in, we rented a car, rented a house for a week and we’ll be relaxing on the beach,” Feagles said. “And we’re all going to be wearing No. 10 jerseys. I’m actually going to get Eli’s address and send him a postcard from there.”

But his good-luck tale doesn’t stop there.

After fleecing Manning, Feagles switched to No. 17 to commemorate his 17th professional season. But this year the Giants signed free agent Plaxico Burress on March 17 – and the former Pittsburgh receiver had to have the number. Turned out Feagles was happy to commemorate his 18th season – for the right price.

“I bought a new house in Arizona and I’m redoing it. … So there you have it,” he said. “This year it’s for an outdoor kitchen.”

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VIDEO: Metrodome roof collapses under weight of snow – ESPN

UPDATE: The game will now be played on Monday night in Detroit.

Metrodome roof collapses under weight of snow – ESPN

The NFL is scrambling to find a stadium for Giants/Vikings. Game was already moved from 1 PM today to 8 PM tomorrow because of snow. Now they have to move to a different stadium because doom in Minny deflated because of snow. There is an open air college stadium nearby but the speculation is that they probably can’t play there because the Giants most likely wouldn’t have their cold gear packed for a dome game. Do they go to Detroit or Indy to play? Does the weather clear up enough so someone can fly out their gear?

I wouldn’t be shocked to see the game played in New York either since there is precedent for it and obviously the best bet for the NFL to make money.

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Brad Childress fired by the Vikings

The cancer that infected the Vikings the moment they began their courtship of Brett Favre has finally struck. Brad Childress is out as the Vikings Head Coach. What a shame. Brett Favre is the problem on this team and yet he gets a total pass from everyone involved in the National Football League. Will all teams learn the lesson  that if you bring an over the hill cancerous figure like Brett Favre on to your team it usually doesn’t end well.

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Conference Championship Predictions

How are up to the Conference Championship games already? Didn’t the NFL season just start? I went 3-1 last week. I’m 5-3 in the playoffs.  

Really looking forward to this Colts/Jets game. The storylines are all over the place. All week we’ve heard stories about Super Bowl III and the impact that game had on speeding up the merger. We all know that the Jets wouldn’t even be here if Colts didn’t spit on the face of history and benched their guys in Week 16 allowing the Jets to come back and win the game. We’ve got two rookie head coaches here and one of them is going to the Super Bowl. Mark Sanchez has been solid for the Jets during this run. His job is to NOT LOSE and he’s done a solid job of managing the game. I am expecting a big day for the Jets running game. I am expecting Jets rookie RB Shonn Greene to have a career day. You really can’t say enough about Peyton Manning and the Colts. They win every year. With good defenses and bad. With the old core or the new one. With the old coach or the new one. I am a huge Manning fan and want Peyton to get a couple of more rings just so people will shut up about Tom Brady (Manning’s better!). When all is said and done though I am going with the Jets +7.5 to pull off the big upset here

Brett Favre is back in the Conference Championship game. He’s had a big year but I believe he’s due for one of those 3 interception games. As great as he’s been through his career we all know one of those games isn’t far off. The home field advantage will prove to be really important in this one. One of the best fan bases in all of sports will be loud throughout this one. Will Reggie Bush come up big again? I expect the Vikings offense to have a lot of trouble. I am thinking of a score along the lines of 35-17. Saints -4.5 will be going to the Super Bowl. 

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