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MLB “All-Star” Game farce

We are about an hour away from the MLB All-Star and one big story surrounding this game is just how many “All-Stars” there are.

By now the list is up to 84 players. At any given point in the season there are only 750 active players. This means that this year one out of every nine player is an all-star. I understand the need for the expanded rosters and have no complaints about it. What I do find stupid is how replacements for injured or ineligible players are named. Jon Lester was named as an injury replacement just because MLB rules for the next highest vote recipient to be named as the replacement. The problem there is that Lester is on the DL and obviously not able to pitch but since he got named as a replacement he gets his all-star bonus. Ricky Romero got selected as a replacement for him but couldn’t they just have selected him the first time around? Of course not. There is way too much money involved. What an absolute joke.

Speaking of jokes, lets get to C.C Sabathia and Derek Jeter. We’ve spent the last two weeks listening to stories about Jeter being a class act and and ambassador for baseball. You guys already know where I stand on that. Derek Jeter should never have been voted into the game in the first place. His batting average was below .270 when the teams were announced yet Yankees fans had stuffed the ballots for him. Him getting named as an all-star starter was a joke. Him skipping the game is a bigger one. Jeter is skipping the all-star game because he is tired. Ok, I have no problem with him deciding against playing (since his season is hardly all-star worthy) but he should be in Phoenix as the ambassador for the game that he supposedly is. That is not happening. Jeter is staying at home and still collecting a $500,000 bonus. Disgraceful. I’ll throw Sabathia into the same boat. He was named an all-star but is not showing up but took a trip to the Bahamas instead. Yup, he will be getting any all-star bonus in his contract as well.

But Selig said today that if he was Jeter he would have done the same thing. This guy isn’t serious right? This is the commissioner of baseball? Why are we still sucking up to Derek Jeter? Instead of calling out the players   Bud Selig is actually condoning this? How does he justify this when MLB wants the All-Star to matter?

How do you resolve this? Any player named to the team and skipping the festivities has to skip the first series back from the break. Even pitchers who aren’t eligible to pitch in the game because they pitched on Sunday must still show up.

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Bring on Instant Replay

Will baseball finally embrace 21st century technology?

Was tonight the straw that will break the camel’s back? People like me have been calling for instant replay in baseball for years. I mean this is 2010, why not make use of the technology? I have never understood the argument against it. People complain that baseball is already too long. Ok, but it’s not like we save time when umpires enter lengthy arguments with players and managers. I’d much rather sit an extra 5 minutes in front of my TV and make sure the call was right.

The whole “human element” excuse is just ridiculous. That worked in the 60s. It just can’t work in 2010 when there are so many cameras covering every play from every angle imaginable. Get the call right. There is no excuse for it. I’m a big cricket fan. People used to argue against replay in cricket too for those same reasons. But guess what, cricket started phasing replay into the game in 1993 and it has worked brilliantly ever since. Replay has done wonders for the NHL, NBA, NFL and Tennis as well. Get the call right.

It is an absolute shame that a bad call robs us of a great baseball night. It is a shame that this will overshadow the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. tonight. It is a shame that it will rob Austin Jackson’s catch a place in the all-time highlight reel. It is a shame that Armando Galarraga got robbed of his place in baseball history. Once again as a fan all I ask is that you get the call right.

Tomorrow happens to be the 15th anniversary of the night Pedro Martinez went perfect for 9 innings.

By the way hats off to Armando Galarraga and Jim Leyland for being class acts tonight and to a lesser degree Jim Joyce.

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MLB has already put the Yankees in the World Series

Has MLB never seen the “Dewey beats Truman” picture? Clearly they haven’t because there is just no justification for this ridiculous act. I was reading the Los Angeles Times and look what I found. Here I was thinking the only major sports uproar today would be about baseball going head to head against the NFL tonight.

 How does MLB justify already selling merchandise on their website saying “New York Yankees American League Champions”. Are you serious?

I know and fully understand that a lot of this stuff is printed ahead of time but how can you be advertising it on your website already? Everyone knows MLB would prefer the Yankees in the World Series for ratings purpose but you’re setting yourselves up for major criticism if calls go against the Angels tonight since you know, MLB has already put the Yankees in the World Series.

Did MLB not learn anything from that guy who had a book up on Amazon available for pre-order about the undefeated Patriots?

At last check MLB had not fixed this on its site.

Do you remember other incidents like this one? Please share.

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