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Jim Riggleman resigns as Nationals manager

Like everyone else I am pretty surprised to hear that Jim Riggleman has resigned as manager of the Washington Nationals despite the team having a 38-37 record.

The Nationals are above .500 this late in a season for the first time since 2005. Riggleman will end up getting a bad rap here for quitting on the team but the Nationals are pretty stupid for not having picked up the option already. What is the point of having a lame duck manager? Its not like he was asking for a 3 year extension today. He’s been talking to the team for an extension for a while. I was just listening to him on Mike Francesa’s show and he said all he asked for was a conversation about an extension this weekend when they got to Chicago. He was told the team didn’t want to have a conversation. Yes, Riggleman’s overall record as a manager isn’t very good but again I can’t blame here. No coach or manager should go into a year as a lame duck.

Joe Capozzi of The Palm Beach Post had the best statement I’ve read so far about the resignation.

In the spirit of Marlins bringing back Jack McKeon, Nats should bring back Frank Robinson — NL east old-school!

Who do the Nationals get? Surely it is an appealing job for some big name candidates. Does Bobby Valentine make the jump from the booth?

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VIDEO: Rutgers robbed at the Big East Tournament

Watch the video first.

Rutgers just got robbed in the second round of the Big East Tournament. Referees did not call two fouls on St. John’s that could very well have been called, that was followed by the referees ignoring a travelling call and the Red Storms stepping out of bounds with time left on the clock. Top it all off with the referee walked off the court with time left on the clock. How did the referees not review this? What were Jim Burr and Tim Higgins thinking? They have a history of bad officiating. Google both of them.

Much credit to Mike Francesa. He has had an anti-Rutgers bias in the past and is a St.John’s alum but he is taking the Big East to task on WFAN right now.

Shame that the officials have become the story and not first year head coach Mike Rice and his team who have done one hell of a job this season.

Here is the statement from the Big East:

The Big East Conference acknowledged that two separate officiating errors occurred at the conclusion of the St. John’s vs. Rutgers game. Both missed violations should have caused the game clock to stop and a change of possession to occur prior to the end of the game. Neither error is reviewable or correctable under NCAA playing rules. 

That makes no sense. I can understand that they can’t review the travel call but how do you not review to see if there is time left? How do you not notice BOTH of his feet going out of bounds? Absolutely ridiculous. 

The recap on the Big East website makes no mention of what happened at the end of the game.

I have to give credit to Mike Becker of WRSU (Rutgers Radio) who sent ou tthe following tweets before the game,

1) The fix is in! Rutgers gets the RU Screw again. I liked their chances MUCH more til @AdamHache texted me and broke me the Burr and Higgins n

2) How can the #BIGEAST possibly put Burr AND Higgins on the SAME GAME??? This is complete bush league!


This reminded me of the Rutgers/Tennessee “clock game”. 

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Governor Paterson Co-Hosting Mike’d Up Today

Governor Paterson Co-Hosting Mike’d Up Today.

I’m actually looking forward to this. The Governor is a legitimate sports fan and will be co-hosting a sports show on WFAN and Yes Network (DirecTV Channel 631) from 1 PM to 6:20 PM today. Show is also broadcasted online at

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Chris “Maddog” Russo appearing on WFAN Friday?

If you follow sports radio anywhere in the United States chances are you have heard of “Mike and the Maddog.”

For almost two decades they ruled the New York airwaves. They’re credited as being the original sports talk show guys. WFAN was the first all sports station in the country and they became a major part of it. It was an odd pairing. At times….very odd. They fought a lot in the early days…..and eventually one of those fights let to the end of their great partnership.

Last year Chris Russo left for Sirus Radio to never be heard from again (I kid!). Couldn’t really blame him. For years it was reported that he was always paid less then his partner. That never made any sense to me. They were a team….a solid one at that. They contrasted each other’s styles well and brought the best out of each other on the air.

Russo said an emotional goodbye last year….and hasn’t been back on the station since.

There was a rumor of a possible Chris Russo appearance on Mike Francesa’s show at the Super Bowl this year….but it never materialized. The two have been at war over guests.

Earlier today Chris Majkowski who’s a producer at WFAN tweeted that Russo will be appearing on the station tomorrow.

For those listening on our flagship, Francesa and Russo will be together to start the show tomorrow at 1:05 from Yankee Stadium.

Sal Licatta who is Mike Francesa’s producer would not officially confirm.

Looking forward to it. Should be great radio.

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Hey Yankee fans….shut the hell up.

Watch the video first.

Can Jorge Posada be any dumber? What the hell is he whining and crying about? Two Blue Jays got hit yesterday. Edwin Encarnacion (who homered earlier in the game) and Aaron Hill. Carlson threw a pitch behind Posada which was no where near him….you couldn’t even call it head hunting because the pitch was no where high enough.

Posada then goes bumps Carlson….when he had no reason to. Credit to home plate umpire Jim Joyce who tossed Posada immediately. What I want to know what the hell was Posada thinking? This is nothing new for him. Don’t get me wrong….I’m sure he’s a good guy. He does a lot of charity work in the NYC area. But he’s a hot head…there’s no where around it. He’s done this in the part in Red Sox series as well. The Yankees haven’t clinched the division yet. They are 5 up in the loss column and heading out on a west coast swing….and still play the Red Sox again this season. Now Posada faces a suspension. He could’ve ended up with other teammates suspended or worse….hurt. What a selfish move from a supposed leader on the team.

This brings me to Yankee fans. Can’t help but laugh at some of these clowns. Of course most of these clowns are young fans. Same bandwagon fans who would’ve been Mets fans if the Mets had 4 World Series in 5 years in the 90s. It has been hilarious listening to WFAN today. Yankee fans calling in and saying this “fires up the team”….are you serious?

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The PGA Tour (and its refund policy) is a joke.

The PGA Tour is a joke. From what I am hearing on the radio (credit to the caller who called in Mike’d up on WFAN in New York) tickets to the US Open for today cost $150 (and sadly that is not the worst offense I’m mentioning). As you might be aware it has been raining all day today in the NYC area. Here is where the joke begins.

Take a look at this note on the US Open’s website (screenshot below):

U.S Open Tickets

Thursday tickets will not be refunded or exchanged. Play will resume Friday at 7:30 AM, weather permitting. Only Friday tickets will be accepted.

Are you serious? What PR genius came up with that policy? I’m sure there were a lot of kids who chipped in and got their fathers tickets as gifts for Father’s Day. Way to go PGA Tour. Enjoy that cash…must feel like taking candy from a baby. There were 156 players in the field. Only 78 of them even made it to the course before rain came and stopped play for the day. But somehow people who bought tickets are out of luck? I’m sorry…even by New York standards that is highway robbery. We kill baseball teams, the Yankees in particular for opening their gates and taking hours before calling off a game because of rain while capitalizing on the concession sales but this is far worse.

I’m as big a golf fan as any around. But this sports and the organization that runs it just doesn’t help itself. The “spectator guide” for the “People’s Open” says:

No Cell Phones – including any cell phones with
photographic capabilities
No PDAs and/or other Portable E-mail Devices
No Cameras and/or Camcorders

For years it has been easy to crack a joke about golf and referring it to being nothing but out of shape, uptight white men. And well…lets just say that the PGA Tour seem to wanna do much about its reputation with one stupid rule after another. Here’s a little P.R tip… more fan friendly. Simple concept…might wanna think about that.

Now I understand that you can only fit so many people on the course…and that is fine. Just refund the money to those who had tickets to today while accommodating as many as you can with tickets to tomorrow.

Mike Francesa is on the case now and promises to make it a big deal on his show tomorrow. Tune in. The biggest radio voice in the NY sports market will probably make the PGA crack a little bit on this otherwise the PR nightmare they face in this town this weekend will be around for a long time. Tune in tomorrow to Francesa’s show on WFAN (660 am in NYC and surrounding areas), simulcast around the country on the Yes Network or The show runs from 1:00 PM to 6:20 Eastern time.

Hopefully the PGA Tour smartens up tonight. Meanwhile if you were one of the people that tickets today (or even if you didn’t) flood the PGA Tour with messages via twitter and other means.

The United States Golf Association
P.O. Box 708
Far Hills, N.J. 07931
Fax: 908-234-9687

PGA Tour
PGA TOUR 100 PGA TOUR Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
(904) 285-3700

PGA TOUR 126 East 56th Street
Suite 1600
New York, NY 10022

US Open
800) 698-0661.

Bethpage Black
(516) 249-0153)

P.S Looks like the Yankees heard Mike Francesa’s US Open. They had been in a rain delay for 5 and a half hours. As you might know that the Yankees have been really strict this year when it comes to letting fans slip down below into the empty seats. Well shortly after Mr. Francesa’s rant the Yankees announced at the stadium that fans could go down below and fill empty seats. Coincidence?

Seed on Newsvine

Neil Best: ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’ radio show could be history

“Mike and the Mad Dog,” the most successful, influential show in sports talk radio history, could soon be history itself.

Barring a change of heart, the partnership between Mike Francesa and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo is not expected to survive to see its 19th anniversary Sept. 5, industry sources with knowledge of the situation said.

They may have already done their final show together; their next scheduled broadcast is not until July 11.

It is not clear which host would remain on WFAN, only that it would not be both of them. One factor appears to be a fraying of their personal relationship in recent months


Is it the end of an era? I’ve been listening to the show on a regular basis since 2003 and on and off for the 3 years prior to that. Like them or hate them it is really good radio. Is it the most in depth analysis around? Definitely no. But somehow they’ve carved out their niche over the years and have set the standard by which other sports talk shows are graded.

From time to time (don’t ask me why) I check in on this message board. Its filled with the most crazed lunatics in the world. It is pretty much a critique site of WFAN….created by a fan. What you’ll find there is a minute by minute critique of most WFAN shows….but a definite daily Mike and the Maddog thread. The site has been mentioned on air. These crazy people do everything from knocking Mike’s weight, to laughing at Russo stumbling through the English language to how these two are reacting to each other. A couple of months ago several members started to feel some tension between the two. Do any regular human being…’d sound crazy. But these people apparently were right. It all started from Chris’ last appearance on Letterman. For whatever reason Letterman doesn’t like Francesa….and always has a joke or to about Mike. Ever since Russo’s last appearance people have been speculating that something was up.

If they go through with this it’ll be a huge blow for WFAN having already lost Don Imus last year. Only if WFAN had sensed this coming…..they could have tried to push Mike Francesa to take the morning show at that time.