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Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” clothing line to benefit paralyzed player | ProFootballTalk

Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” clothing line to benefit paralyzed player | ProFootballTalk

Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” interview with ESPN spread like wildfire on YouTube earlier this year. The Jets star later applied for a trademark on the phrase. Now he is putting that phrase to good use.

Bart Scott has announced a clothing line, proceeds from which will benefit Eric LeGrand of Rutgers. The Jets take a lot of unnecessary criticism from people around the NFL so it is definitely nice to see one of their guys get recognition for some good work.  If you aren’t familiar with LeGrand, he was paralyzed last year in a game against Army. Rutgers launched the “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund” in order to help the family with the medical bills.

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2010 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

I came back down to earth last week with a 2-2 record but I still hold a very respectable 6-2 record for the playoffs.

Collectively we had an average week at best.
Me: 2-2
Swarheit: 2-2
rkref: 2-2
spudsfan: 2-2
Rovitz: 2-2
Faraz: 2-2
Imran: 1-3
natthedem: 1-3

Here are the overall standings so far.

Me: 6-2
spudsfan: 5-3
Swarheit: 4-4 
rkref: 4-4
Rovitz: 4-4
Faraz: 4-4
natthedem: 4-4
Imran: 3-5
Here are the lines we will be using this week. 
Packers (-4) over the Bears
Jets (+3.5) over the Steelers
I am a big fan of old school rivalries. The Bears have had a great run but it ends this week. The Packers will win and cover. I just don’t think Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher will be able to make the Packers miserable enough. Hats off to Aaron Rodgers, he truly has taken that step into the top tier of NFL Quaterbacks. What a performance it was from the Packers last week against a very good Falcons team. I was watching “Sound FX” on NFL network this week and it showed that Mike Smith wanted to go for a Field Goal at the of the first half on the play that resulted in the pick 6 going the other way. He changed his mind after consulting with the offensive coordinator. That play ended up being the final nail in the coffin. The game time temperature is expected to be 18 degrees! It would have been better if there was also snow in the forecast. Don’t expect weather to be a problem for Aaron Rodgers.

In his career, including playoffs, Rodgers is 7-3 in games when the temperature is 30 degrees or below, according to ESPN Stats and Information. In those ten contests, Rodgers has 25 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, with a passer rating of 109.4. 

Barack Obama made some news this week by announcing his plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

“Oh, if the Bears are in the Super Bowl, we’re going.” 

He would be the first President to attend but like I have mentioned before, I don’t have a problem with his trips to sporting events because he is a legitimate fan
In case you haven’t heard, the New York Jets “CAN’T WAIT!” for this Sunday. Actually words don’t do it justice. I’ll let Bart Scott explain it better. 

As I mentioned last week, people just aren’t giving this Jets team any credit. This team did go 11-5 right? This team did just beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady the last two weeks, correct? The Jets did just become the first team in NFL history to win 2 road games in the playoffs in back to back years, correct? Their 2nd year Head Coach/Quarterback are 4-1 in their short playoff careers, correct? Once again I am going with the New York Jets to win outright. Not to turn this into a lecture of some sort but what more does this team need to do? I have had people tell me this week that Mark Sanchez will have his “deer in the headlights” moment this week. People do realize that he did play in the AFC Championship game last year right? Don’t get me wrong, the Steelers are a very good team and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them win but I just think the Jets are Super Bowl bound this year. It really has been one of those years for them. Earlier this year they became the first team in NFL history to win back to back road games in overtime. There have been people downplaying the Jets win in Pittsburgh earlier this season because Troy Polamalu missed that game. In the words of the ESPN’s NFL Countdown crew, “C’mon Man!”

Speaking of ESPN, have you guys been following the Tom Jackson debacle this week?

After a relatively quiet week the Jets have been calling out Hines Ward for his dirty play the last couple of days. ESPN New York notes that the two playoff wins so far this year are worth an extra $500,000 to Mark Sanchez. Rex Ryan is just the 5th coach in the Super Bowl era to make it to the Conference Championship game in his first two years. I’m hoping Tomlinson gets his first shot at a Super Bowl ring.

Other picks:
Swarheit – Packers and Steelers
Spudsfan – Packers and Jets
rkref – Packers and Jets
rovitz – Packers and Steelers
natthedem – Packers and Jets
Faraz – Packers and Jets
Imran – Packers and Steelers
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Brett Favre misses a game

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

Brett Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive regular season starts (counting playoffs that number is 321) as a starting Quarterback comes to an end tonight when the Minnesota Vikings host the New York Giants in Detroit. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was skeptical of the story when it first broke. I thought for sure that this was yet another publicity stunt from Brett Favre. 

The streak started way back on September 27th 1992. Just how long ago was that? A rookie head coach by the name of Bill Cowher was coaching the opposing Pittsburgh Steelers. George H. W Bush was still President. Princess Diana was still married to Prince Charles. Matt Ryan was 7 years old. Peyton Manning was in High School. Mike Holmgren was in his first year as Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers. Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci, Dick Jauron and John Gruden were all coaches on that Green Bay team . The NFL had only 28 teams. One of those 28 was the original Cleveland Browns. The Washington Redskins were the defending Super Bowl Champions and the Dallas Cowboys were actually good. In September of 1992 John Wall was 2 years old. The 2010 NHL #1 overall pick Taylor Hall wasn’t even 1 yet and current teammate Percy Harvin was 4 years old. 

According ESPN 238 other Quarterbacks have started a game in the NFL since the last time Favre missed one and 118 different Head Coaches have led a team in the same time frame. 

I am far from a Brett Favre fan but the streak of 297 is still impressive. Yes, his ego and selfishness was terrible but 297 straight NFL games is still impressive. Peyton Manning is next in line at 205 consecutive starts. Can he stay healthy enough to make a run at the record? Ironically, Ripken’s streak also ended against New York. 

Will he just quietly disappear from the headlines?

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Conference Championship Predictions

How are up to the Conference Championship games already? Didn’t the NFL season just start? I went 3-1 last week. I’m 5-3 in the playoffs.  

Really looking forward to this Colts/Jets game. The storylines are all over the place. All week we’ve heard stories about Super Bowl III and the impact that game had on speeding up the merger. We all know that the Jets wouldn’t even be here if Colts didn’t spit on the face of history and benched their guys in Week 16 allowing the Jets to come back and win the game. We’ve got two rookie head coaches here and one of them is going to the Super Bowl. Mark Sanchez has been solid for the Jets during this run. His job is to NOT LOSE and he’s done a solid job of managing the game. I am expecting a big day for the Jets running game. I am expecting Jets rookie RB Shonn Greene to have a career day. You really can’t say enough about Peyton Manning and the Colts. They win every year. With good defenses and bad. With the old core or the new one. With the old coach or the new one. I am a huge Manning fan and want Peyton to get a couple of more rings just so people will shut up about Tom Brady (Manning’s better!). When all is said and done though I am going with the Jets +7.5 to pull off the big upset here

Brett Favre is back in the Conference Championship game. He’s had a big year but I believe he’s due for one of those 3 interception games. As great as he’s been through his career we all know one of those games isn’t far off. The home field advantage will prove to be really important in this one. One of the best fan bases in all of sports will be loud throughout this one. Will Reggie Bush come up big again? I expect the Vikings offense to have a lot of trouble. I am thinking of a score along the lines of 35-17. Saints -4.5 will be going to the Super Bowl. 

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