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Here we go. It is game day and the countdown is on to one of the biggest games in Rutgers Football history.

I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight. Just spent sometime watching highlights from the 2006 game on Youtube. Enjoy.
I found a couple of cool Jeremy Ito stories earlier today. The Star-Ledger did sort of a “Where is he now?” piece. The other one isn’t directly about him but you must watch this piece Tom Rinaldi did for College Gameday this past weekend.

There will always be people in this area who will thumb their noses at college football. Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger has a column out today addressing them.
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Picking up Butch

Back in March of 2003 Rick Reilly wrote a column for Sports Illustrated called “Extra Credit”.

It was one of the best columns he wrote in his tenure with Sports Illustrated which lasted over 20 years. He himself acknowledged it as one of his most memorable columns.  The story was about a 54 year old man named Butch Varno from Middlebury, Vermont. Butch Varno is bound to his wheelchair because of Cerebral Palsy but for over 50 years freshman from the small college have been literally picking him up to take him to football and basketball games.

This week ESPN did another story on this.

The story has also been featured in the past on SportsCenter and CBS Evening News. In 2007 Associated Press and Boston Globe also picked up the story.If you want to help Butch Varno financially, you can do so by going here.
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