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“Miracle on the Hudson” plane is at Rutgers Stadium

The “Miracle on the Hudson” plane is bound for a museum in Charlotte, North Carolina by road. Along the way it obviously will take many stops as the truck crews that helping move it obviously need their rest. Just so happens that the very first stop on its journey is 5 minutes from where I live.

The plane is literally parked on the side of River Road right across from the new entrance into Rutgers Stadium. You can walk right up to it and take a picture if you’d like. The street I live on has a “block party” every year and earlier in the day someone mentioned that a plane was at Rutgers. I had heard earlier in the day about the plane moving but I didn’t know Piscataway was one of the scheduled stops. So at 1 AM I strolled over there to snap a few pictures. If you want to see if the plane will be coming to a stop near you follow them on twitter.

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