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Shaquille O’Neal Press Conference

Shaquille O’Neal announced his retirement this week marking the end of one of the greatest careers in NBA history.

There really hasn’t been anyone as dominant as him in a long time. To me he really was the total package. He was great on the court (even with his troubles on the free throw line) and hilarious off of it. He always seemed have “it”. He knew how a star like him should act and how he should market himself. I can’t think of another athlete in recent memory who was as good as him on the field of play and handled him or herself in a great manner off of it the Shaq always did. He was never afraid to laugh at himself and that was part of his charm.

He invited the basketball media to his mansion in Orlando for his press conference because he said he wanted to thank each one of them personally. I’m sure part of it that he wants a future in the media and he didn’t shy  away from that letting ESPN,TNT and CNN among others know that he was looking for a job. TNT needs to hire him immediately. Put him as the fourth member of TNT’s crew with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. It would be must watch TV each and every time. ESPN has apparently reached out to him already.

You can watch the press conference here.
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