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VIDEO: Dale Earnhardt Jr. runs out of fuel on final turn

Today just wasn’t a good day to be leading a race on the final turn. Earlier today J.R Hildebrand crashed into the wall on the final turn of the Indianapolis 500. Later in the day Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran out of fuel on the final turn of Coca Cola 600. What are the odds of both of these events happening on the exact same day?

Hats off to the race officials though for not brining out the yellow flag on that crash during the second to last lap. It was cleared in time the lead pack came around for the final lap.

If you missed the finish to the Indy 500 earlier today here it is.

Both cars are sponsored by the National Guard. How’s that for a Memorial Day tie in?
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VIDEO: Leader crashes on final turn of Indianapolis 500

I have watched a lot of open wheel races in my life but today’s Indianapolis 500 definitely provided one of the craziest finises ever.

I was flipping back and forth between the race and the French Open all afternoon and thus missed the news that Danica Patrick was low on fuel when she took the lead. It is a shame she is going to NASCAR because I am more of an open wheel race fan. Would have loved to see her win.

How can you not feel bad for 23 year old rookie J.R Hildebrand? He was leading the race on the final turn of the race when he crashed into the wall trying to pass a car that he was about to lap. What a shame.

Where does this crash rank all time in sports history? I can’t recall ever watching something similar. It is surely one of the biggest choke jobs ever right? Heck, it probably is a bigger choke job then Rory McIlroy at The Masters this year.
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