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White House Correspondents Dinner

As a result of the double knockouts from Barack Obama and Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night I just wanted to take a minute and post 3 of my favorite WHCD (or Nerd Prom if you’re on Twitter) moments. Enjoy.

Bill Clinton at the dinner in 2000.

George W. Bush and Stephen Colbert at the dinner in 2006.

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2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech

What a show. If you did not watch it for whatever reason go and watch both of the featured speeches…..and do so NOW. Barack Obama and Seth Meyers were both absolutely brilliant.

Going into the event I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted Obama to even acknowledge Donald Trump but boy did he prove me wrong. Obama was absolutely masterful in his assault on Donald Trump. There are no words that will do it justice so go ahead and watch it for yourself.

According to Luke Russert of MSNBC even Terrell Owens took a shot at Donald Trump

If you dish it out, you got to take it too

That right there is the truth.

Every zinger was perfectly placed. From using “Real American” as his entrance music to his comments about 2012 GOP hopefuls there wasn’t any letdown from the President.

Seth Meyers was even funnier. He went after Donald Trump (a fellow NBC guy) just as hard as Obama did. The jokes from Meyers about C-Span were hilarious as well. How great (and true) was Meyers turning to Obama and telling him that 2008 Obama could beat him in 2012 and that the 2011 Obama would have liked 2008 Obama. Brilliant. 

Barack Obama

There’s a vicious rumor floating around that I think could really hurt Mitt Romney. I heard he passed universal health care when he was governor of Massachusetts. Someone should really get to the bottom of that.

He [Trump] can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. Like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?

Paul Ryan couldn’t be here tonight — his budget has no room for laughing.

Seth Myers:

CSPAN is of course the official network for wide shots of empty chairs. … CSPAN is one unpaid electric bill away from being a radio station.

Donald Trump has said he’s running for president as a Republican — which is surprising because I thought he was running as a joke. 

Donald Trump owns the Miss USA pageant, which is great for Republicans because it will streamline their search for a vice president.

If your [Obama] hair gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it.

Trump often appears on Fox,which is funny because a fox often appears on Donald Trump’s head.

[Trump has] said he’s got a great relationship with ‘the blacks.’ Unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he’s mistaken.

As for a potential Republican field that could include Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Trump, that doesn’t sound like a field of candidates — that sounds like Season 13 of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ And not the stars — the dancers.

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Fox Preps Conservative ‘Daily Show’

Fox Preps Conservative ‘Daily Show’

Posted on Nov 21, 2006

Fox News Channel is teaming with Joel Surnow (the creator of “24″) to create a right-wing version of “The Daily Show.”

  • With the Dems in power, this might actually be a good thing; it could force the weakest links of the party to acknowledge and deal with their myriad failings.
  • Variety:

    Comedy Central has made a good living out of skewering the political right.

    Now Fox News Channel, a primary source of material for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, is teaming with the exec producer of “24” to try its hand at a news satire show for conservatives to love.

    Joel Surnow, co-creator of “24,” is shooting two half-hour pilots of a skein he described as “ ‘The Daily Show’ for conservatives,” due to air in primetime on Saturdays in January.


    I can’t be the only one who thinks this show will flop big time.

    ‘The Simpsons’ Satirizes the Iraq War

    ‘The Simpsons’ Satirizes the Iraq War

    Posted on Nov 9, 2006
    From Fox

    In this clip from the most recent “Simpsons” Halloween special, two outer-space aliens spar over the wisdom of destroying Earth over the dubious claim that its inhabitants were developing weapons of “mass disintegration.”

    Good stuff. Watch it.

    Largest Minority:

    This is a clip from the most recent Simpson’s Halloween special. At the end we see a biting comparison between a destructive alien invasion and the US-led War in Iraq. By making Springfield the victim of the attack, The Simpsons is able to tease sympathy for the Iraqi people while showing that the US is an alien force. I’m amazed that such a blatant jab at the Bush Administration and their liberator-logic was even aired on Fox. The closing scene is particularly eerie. Kudos to them.




    “How Come No One Fights in Big Famous Nations Anymore?” They Ask

    Washington, D.C. ( — A delegation of American high school students today demanded the United States stop waging war in obscure nations such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and instead attack places they’ve actually heard of, such as France, Australia, and Austria, unless, they said, those last two are the same country.

    student testifies
    “Shouldn’t we, as Americans, get to decide where wars are?” asked sophomore Kate Shermansky.

    “People claim we don’t know as much geography as our parents and grandparents, but it’s so not our fault,” Josh Beldoni, a senior at Fischer High School in Los Angeles, told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Back then they only had wars in, like, Germany and England, but we’re supposed to know about places like Somalia and Massachusetts.”

    “Macedonia,” corrected committee Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan.

    “See?” said Beldoni.

    Beldoni’s frustration was shared by nearly three dozen students at the hearing, who blamed the U.S. military for making them look bad.

    “I totally support our soldiers and all that, but I am seriously failing both geography and social studies because I keep getting asked to find Croatia or Yemvrekia, or whatever bizarre-o country we send troops to,” said Amelia Nash, a junior at Clark High School in Orlando, Fla. “Can’t we fight in, like, Italy? It’s boot-shaped.”

    Chairman Levin however, explained that Italy was a U.S. ally, and that intervention is usually in response to a specific threat.

    “OK, what about Arulco?” interrupted Tyler Boone, a senior at Bellevue High School in Wisconsin. “That’s a country in Jagged Alliance 2 run by the evil Queen Deidranna. I’m totally familiar with that place. She’s a major threat.”

    “Jagged…?” said Levin.

    “Alliance. It’s a computer game.”

    “Well, no,” Levin answered. “We can’t attack a fictional country.”

    “Yeah right,” Boone mumbled. “Like Grenada was real.”

    The students’ testimony was supported by a cross-section of high school geography teachers, who urged the committee to help lay a solid foundation for America’s young people by curtailing any intervention abroad.

    “Since the anti-terror war began, most of my students can now point to Afghanistan on a map, which is fine, but those same kids still don’t know the capitals of Nevada and Ohio,” said Richard Gerber, who teaches at Rhymony High School in Atlanta. “I think we need to cut back on our activities overseas and take care of business at home, and if that means invading Tallahassee (Fla.) or Trenton (N.J.) so that students learn where they are, so be it.”

    “I’ve always wanted to stick it to Hartford (Conn.),” said Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. “Oh shit, is my microphone on?”

    The hearing adjourned after six hours. An estimated 2,000 more students were expected to hold a march in the nation’s capital, but forgot which city it was in.

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