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“I’m going to Disney World”

Is there a cooler endorsement deal in all of sports then the “I’m going to Disney World” ones that they do every Super Bowl?

Disney World

Disney Land

Aaron Rodgers will be at Magic Kingdom today as the NFL and Disney celebrate 25 years of doing this.

By the way, do you know who the first Super Bowl MVP was to do one of these?

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MLB All-Star Game

I was on vacation in Florida this time last year and missed the MLB All-Star Game because I was at EPCOT. Completely forgot the extra nonsense that goes along with a MLB (and to be fair all sports) All-Star Games. Did we really need that woman from Glee? That “heroes” bit ran for too long. Did we really need the kids reading the starting lineups before the game started? 8:50 PM Eastern first pitch for an All-Star Game? Speaking of Disney, does the MLB realize that Disney no longer owns the Angels? What is up with the Disney related All-Star Game merchandise?
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That being said, how cool was the ovation for Vladimir Guerrero? I loved it as an Angels fan. The Angels don’t make mistakes like that too often but how much do they wish they hadn’t let him go last off season? Speaking of Vlad, does anyone know the last player was to be selected to start the All-Star Game for 3 different franchises (Expos, Angels, Rangers)? I’ve seen a lot of talk on Twitter in reference to the Yankees being booed on the day George Steinbrenner died. Are you kidding me? Unless George Steinbrenner’s casket was actually out on the field I have absolutely no problem with the Yankee players being booed.

By the way, the Yankees revealed the patches they will be wearing for the remainder of the season.

Rod Carew was a fine choice to throw out the first pitch but why not someone like Tim Salmon or Troy Percival who won a World Series with the Angels? I had no idea that David Price is the first #1 overall draft pick to be the starting pitcher in an All-Star Game. How cool was the Jeter introduction? I missed the part where Bob Sheppard actually introduced him as representing the American League. I’m guessing he had that one recorded for 2008? A nice little nugget from Jayson Stark of ESPN:

Here’s how long it’s been since the NL won an All Star Game: The Yankees have played 38 World Series games since then – & won it 5 times.

Just as many of us predicted the game just sped along early on. An hour flat for the first four innings is not bad at all but the sun did play a big part in the early going. I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing Roy Halladay without a Blue Jays jersey on. Big bases clearing hit for Brian Mcann.  It’s a shame that he doesn’t get recognized more around the league, he really is a good ghitter. 

Colbie Caillat sings God Bless America. It really is strange how every time I watch an All-Star game there is someone singing the Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America and I’ve never seen or heard of this person prior to that moment.

Did the immortal John Buck (I know he’s having a nice year but it is strange watching a .239 career hitter in this game) just double to start a rally for the American League?  Is that really the Rally Monkey at the All-Star Game? Sure, why not. Two on two outs for Torii Hunter, might as well bring the Rally Monkey out. He was of no use here though as Adam Wainright struck him out to end the threat. Real shame too because I would’ve loved to see the Torii Hunter get the big hit in front of his home crowd.

It’s the 8th inning and the American League only has Alex Rodriguez left on the bench? Didn’t we just expand rosters recently because of something like this?

David Ortiz leads off the 9th with a single. Someone please tell me why Girardi doesn’t let A-Rod pinch hit for Beltre there? Beltre strikes out and with John Buck (who did manage to bloop one in) to follow it pretty much had sealed the deal.

National League wins 3-1, their first win since 1996.
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