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Cory Booker – America’s Mayor

If you read the blog or my twitter feed you know by now that I am a big Cory Booker guy. He has done a great job as Mayor of Newark, NJ by actually stepping out in the community and making a difference.

In an era where politicians like Sarah Palin will do anything to get the camera on themselves, Cory Booker provides a refreshing change of pace. In an era when candidates for the US Senate don’t know important things like the minimum wage, Cory Booker provides something different. In an era when phonies like Sarah Palin visit areas struck by disaster to pad their resumes, Cory Booker actually goes into and makes a difference in his community. While our Governor was at Disney World as the blizzard struck (the Lieutenant Governor is also out of town), Cory Booker was out shoveling peoples driveways.

A blizzard isn’t the only time you’ll see Cory Booker keeping the public informed via twitter. He routinely makes patrol trips at night with the Newark Police Department. Some may call this a publicity stunt ahead of possible runs for Governor or Senator but there is no camera following him around. I’ve been watching blizzard coverage on the news the last two days and have not heard one mention of Cory Booker.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with Chris Christie going on vacation, I do have a problem with Lieutenant Governor being out of the state at the same time. This is the time first New Jersey has had a Lieutenant Governor but something like this makes me wonder why we created the new office if situations like this are still coming up?

There are some who are comparing Christie’s handling of this storm to that of New York City Mayor John V. Lindsay during the storm of February 1969.

Cory Booker’s twitter feed is a must read on an average day but when something like a blizzard strikes his community it becomes even more impressive. Mayor Booker has a great personality that he displayed on the national stage during his “feud” with Conan O’Brien.

New Jersey (and America) needs Cory Booker for Governor in 2013 or Senate in 2014.

Edit: NBC Nightly News reported on Cory Booker’s work tonight.

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Brick City

Super Bowl in Meadowlands is still a good idea

By now all football fans are aware that Super Bowl XLVIII will be played outdoors at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

There are plenty of critics of a “cold weather Super Bowl” but like I mentioned before, I love the idea. The snowstorm that hit the Northeast this week has given fresh ammunition to those who oppose a Super Bowl in the Northeast. Look around and you will find plenty of columns like this one in today’s New York Times criticizing the NFL.  Yes, the NFL did postpone a game this week because of snow but so what? It was the first game NFL has had to postpone on game day because of weather since 1932. If the Super Bowl has to be postponed because of extreme weather it is not a big deal. No one will be hurt by a postponed Super Bowl. People will watch the game no matter when it is on and as mentioned earlier, the likelihood of a postponement is small.

The decision to postpone the Eagles/Vikings game was the right one. People like Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell are idiots for criticizing the move. The city was under a State of Emergency, why take away law enforcement officials from the streets and bring them to the stadium instead?

NFL Statement,

 “Due to public safety concerns in light of today’s snow emergency in Philadelphia, tonight’s Vikings-Eagles game has been postponed. Because of the uncertainty of the extent of tonight’s storm and its aftermath, the game will be played on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. This will allow sufficient time to ensure that roads, parking lots and the stadium are fully cleared. The National Weather Service states that a winter storm warning in Philadelphia remains in effect until 1 pm on Monday.”

People will cite this weeks Vikings/Eagles game as a reason why the NFL should move to the Super Bowl but what if the weather is nice? NHL’s Winter Classic in Pittsburgh is in danger because temperatures are expected to be too warm in Pittsburgh.

For their part the league is standing by their decision to have a cold weather Super Bowl and rightfully so.

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snOMG December 2010

I don’t know who coined these words on twitter during the the storms last winter but they work for me. Twitterverse is referring to the storm as snOMGsnowpocalysesnowmageddon. Whatever you want to refer to the Blizzard of December 2010 as, there is a lot of snow in the forecast.

Here are some periodic updates from Central New Jersey.


Around 1:30 PM

 Around 6 PM 

  9:10 PM 

Yes, that does say 14 inches. This storm is only 5 hours in.

11:30 PM 
17 inches and counting
Around 9:00 AM

This is how the same spot looked before all the snow. 


Trying to clean up again around noon. 

 Something resembling a sidewalk thanks to Angry Brown Guy.




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Predictable: Right-Wing Media Cite December Snow To Mock Global Warming | Media Matters for America

Predictable: Right-Wing Media Cite December Snow To Mock Global Warming | Media Matters for America

Credit to the good folks over at Media Matters for once again pointing out the stupidity on the right. Just how ignorant are these people? They want to mock Al Gore because snow brought down the Metrodome roof?  Their argument against Global Warming is that it is SNOWING IN DECEMBER? It’s not the first time they have done something like this either.

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