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Not cool KFC….not cool.

Bad Customer Service.

I’ve written on the subject in the past and here is one more entry into the file. I drove into Manhattan earlier today to get food from one of the few Halal KFC’s in the US.

My sister and I ended up paying extra (like we usually do) just so we would have a bucket just of breast pieces. The cashier went to speak to the manager just to see if there were enough Halal pieces in stock to fulfill our order and came back to tell us that it’d have to be a mix of Extra Crispy and Original to fulfill our order of a dozen breast pieces. We were fine with that. When we got back home buried at the bottom of the box were a couple of pieces of grilled chicken instead. Not cool. I didn’t drive all the way into the city (or pay extra for that matter) just to get grilled chicken. I don’t eat healthy at home so I certainly won’t go out somewhere and do it! I ended up calling their customer service and “Bobby” was really nice over the phone and told me he’d pass it up the chain of command. I have also tried to contact them via Twitter. Hopefully someone calls back and at least refunds part of the bill (if not all). Basic customer service. If they are willing to lie about what pieces they are giving me why should I or anyone else trust that they are actually giving me Halal chicken?

This KFC is located at 208 McGuinness Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11222

Yes, I understand that this is a first world problem but a corporation as big as Kentucky Fried Chicken should no tolerate this from their franchisees. Will someone from KFC contact me? I’ll keep you updated.
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