VIDEO: Rutgers robbed at the Big East Tournament

Watch the video first.

Rutgers just got robbed in the second round of the Big East Tournament. Referees did not call two fouls on St. John’s that could very well have been called, that was followed by the referees ignoring a travelling call and the Red Storms stepping out of bounds with time left on the clock. Top it all off with the referee walked off the court with time left on the clock. How did the referees not review this? What were Jim Burr and Tim Higgins thinking? They have a history of bad officiating. Google both of them.

Much credit to Mike Francesa. He has had an anti-Rutgers bias in the past and is a St.John’s alum but he is taking the Big East to task on WFAN right now.

Shame that the officials have become the story and not first year head coach Mike Rice and his team who have done one hell of a job this season.

Here is the statement from the Big East:

The Big East Conference acknowledged that two separate officiating errors occurred at the conclusion of the St. John’s vs. Rutgers game. Both missed violations should have caused the game clock to stop and a change of possession to occur prior to the end of the game. Neither error is reviewable or correctable under NCAA playing rules. 

That makes no sense. I can understand that they can’t review the travel call but how do you not review to see if there is time left? How do you not notice BOTH of his feet going out of bounds? Absolutely ridiculous. 

The recap on the Big East website makes no mention of what happened at the end of the game.

I have to give credit to Mike Becker of WRSU (Rutgers Radio) who sent ou tthe following tweets before the game,

1) The fix is in! Rutgers gets the RU Screw again. I liked their chances MUCH more til @AdamHache texted me and broke me the Burr and Higgins n

2) How can the #BIGEAST possibly put Burr AND Higgins on the SAME GAME??? This is complete bush league!


This reminded me of the Rutgers/Tennessee “clock game”. 

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rutgers robbed at the Big East Tournament”

  1. That was a crazy ending to the game! The officials definitely messed up, but I hope they won’t let their mistakes bother them forever. I thought Rutgers coach Mike Rice handled the situation with a lot of class. Most coaches at any level of basketball would have gone ballistic if similar circumstances occurred. At least the officials’ errors didn’t occur during the national championship game though. That certainly would have caused a massive uproar from players, coaches, and fans.

  2. It doesn’t matter whether it happened in the championship game or not. It shouldn’t happen, period. There is instant replay available…..use it. There is no excuse for the referee to be walking off the court before the game is over. It cost these kids a chance (yes it was a longshot but still a chance) at the NCAA Tournament. There is no excuse for it. If they let this crew do games at the NCAA tournament it’d be a joke.

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