2010 NFL Wildcard Round Predictions

Through the NFL Playoffs I will be picking the games against the spread. Just for continuity I will be using the bodog.com lines from ESPN. I’m looking for some challengers. If you want to put your picks on the record just post them here or send it to me via Twitter or e-mail. When you submit your picks feel free to send me a link to your Twitter feed, blog, Tumblr, etc. and I’ll link to it here. I’ll keep standings for picks against the spread but feel free to post your picks for winners if the two are different.

Here are my picks, please use the same line to make your picks.

Seahawks +10.5 over Saints
Jets +3 over Colts
Ravens -3 over Chiefs
Packers +2.5 over Eagles

Yes, I am well aware of how bad the NFC West was this year but 11 is a really crazy number for a playoff line. Saints will pull off the win but the game will be a lot closer then people think.

I am taking the Jets to win outright over the Colts. The Jets are better then people give them credit for. This team did 11 games this year but if you looked around people almost act as though they were 8-8. I love Rex Ryan. People used to rip into Eric Mangini in New York because he had no personality but a lot of those same people are now opposed to Rex Ryan because he is the exact opposite of Mangini. How does that work? I try to stay away from picking against Peyton Manning but his defense will let him down here. The Jets have a very good running game and I think Mark Sanchez will flourish in the Dome too. Plus there is that little business of payback for last year.

I’ll take the Ravens to win easily. They are giving 3 points here but honestly I don’t think this game will be close. I give a lot of credit to Todd Haley. He has done a very good in Kansas City but he’s just running into a better team here. I think Ray Rice (286 all purpose yards in 2 career playoff starts) will have a big playoff run and take that step into the top tier of HBs.

The biggest win of Michael Vick’s career came at Lambeau Field as a member of the Falcons. He’s had a fantastic year and I for one am glad to see him come back strong. Heck, he even has Barack Obama in his corner. There are a lot of people who are are still vocal opponents of Vick being back in the NFL but it is hard to argue that NFL fans want him there when he had the 5th best selling jersey in the NFL this year. Vick really is the wildcard here. He could just put on one great show in front of a national audience and win the game by himself and no one really would be surprised. I think it is not that big of a stretch to say that he is the best player in the league right now. That being said, I am taking the Packers to win here. I think Clay Matthews and the Packers defense will contain him. Lets not forget that they have a pretty good quarterback themselves and with all of the Brett Favre drama this year it will be great to see Rodgers have a good game here in the playoffs.

Other Picks

Swarheit – Saints (-11), Colts (-3), Ravens (-3), Packers (+2.5)
rkref – Saints (-11), Jets (+3), Ravens (-3), Eagles (-2.5)
spudsfan – Saints (-11), Jets (+3), Ravens (-3), Packers (+2.5)
Rovitz – Saints (-11), Jets (+3), Ravens  (-3), Eagles  (-2.5)
Faraz – Saints (-11)Colts (-3), Ravens (-3), Packers (+2.5) 
Imran – Saints (-11), Jets (+3), Ravens  (-3), Eagles  (-2.5)
natthedem – Seahawks (+11), Colts (-3), Ravens (-3), Packers (+2.5) 
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