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We placed an order for blinds at the store in Metuchen, NJ on 10/12/2010. We ordered total of 10 horizontal and 2 vertical blinds. At the time of the order we were told that the two vertical ones would be on backorder but everything else would be available for installation. We were promised temporary shades for those 2 windows in question. 

We got measurements done through a company they recommended to us. We got a call from the store on Friday to schedule an installation date because our order would be ready by Sunday. Once they told us that we arranged for a moving truck so we could move our stuff into our new home knowing that the blinds would be scheduled today (Monday). 

Today we received a call from the store after 3 PM telling us that the 2 vertical blinds were in store but everything else was on backorder and would not be installed today. When we asked them to explain how that ended up happening they didn’t have an answer. We called the 1-800-Blinds-7 number and spoke to a representative who’s first response to our query was, “What do you want me to do?” Does this pass for acceptable behavior at this company? The person on the phone told us nothing could be resolved today because the sales representative we originally dealt with was not at the store today. Can someone explain to me how that is our problem? Does all business at Blinds to Go come to a halt every time one employee has the day off? Do their stores not keep computerized records of these transactions? Do they not have the capability to track the progress of orders from their headquarters? The Customer Service representative told us we had to deal with the local store and when we explained the issue further their response was that the salesperson may have been confused because the name of the blinds we ordered were similar to other ones in the store. Can you please tell us how it would be our fault if the sales staff does not know the merchandise your company sells?
We decided  to go to the store to speak to someone in person. We got there at 6:15 and spoke to the person who called us from the store earlier in the day. This person told us both the horizontal and vertical blinds were on backorder when placed the order (which doesn’t explain how the vertical ones were in store today when they originally called us). They said the blinds would not be in stock until some time in November. They finally called the salesperson at 6:45 and said that they told him that we were told that all the blinds were on backorder. That is absolutely not true. The store called us on Friday to ask us to schedule an appointment with the installer. Why would they do that if they knew that the blinds were on backorder? We asked them to give us the name of someone higher up in the Blinds to Go chain of command that we could get in touch with but all they did was direct us to the customer service number which was of no help earlier in the day. We asked them to call whoever they needed to call because we wanted a waiver of installation charges for the inconvenience. They went on the phone with someone but told us we could get temporary shades for now but we would have to pay for the installation of those temporary shades as well as the blinds when they came in? Blinds to Go expects us to pay extra because of problems on their end? In speaking to someone at their headquarters the person at the store told them that he was playing phone tag because neither the customer nor the salesperson was there in the store. That was a flat out lie because we were standing there right in front them. This asked us to be “grownups” about this. What part of this was our fault? 
While the person we spoke to at the store didn’t solve our problem their co-worker at the time was completely rude.  Both of them kept saying that they couldn’t do anything until tomorrow when the original salesperson was in the store. They had just spoken to this person 15 minutes earlier so why did they both refuse to call them again to try and get some answers? They said it was 7 PM so they could not call them. The co-worker shut off the lights to the store saying “we have to get home to your families” and forced us out of the store. Once again I ask, does this pass as acceptable behavior at Blinds to Go? Would the staff have also forced us out if we were there to make a purchase?
I’ve worked as a Customer Service Supervisor and store manager for 3 major retail companies. I understand problems arise with orders sometimes but it is completely unacceptable to wait until after 3 PM on the day of the installation to notify the customer of a problem with the order. Nowhere in retail is it acceptable to act the way their staff did both on the phone and at the store level today. They need to remind their staff that this isn’t a charity that they are running. As paying customers we should be treated with more professionalism. 
As a result of carelessness and lack of professionalism on their end we are sitting in a new home right now with no blinds anywhere. 
Has anyone else out there had issues with Blinds to Go? 

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