Recapping Obama’s brief stop in Edison

Here is the video of Obama’s brief remarks in Edison, NJ today where he stopped at a “Tastee Subs” to promote his small business plan.

If you can’t open that video, here is the official transcript of his remarks. The President did mention Thomas Edison in his speech,

“This town, Edison, was named after somebody who was not only one of history’s greatest inventors but also a pretty savvy small business owner,” said Obama after meeting with the businessmen and women at the tiny but renowned Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Avenue for about 25 minutes. “The small business people who are with me here today exemplify that same entrepreneurial spirit.”

Earlier in the day he was greeted at Newark Airport by Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker. They were not invited to the Edison event. Mike Memoli of Tribune has a piece up on the Obama/Christie exchange.

The White House did release this “Fact Sheet” about the individuals who were invited to meet President in Edison today.

As I posted earlier, I did not make an effort to get to the venue despite it being just a mile from where I live. I probably would have if I hadn’t been front row at an Obama event last year. I was able to take some good pictures of Marine One as it flew right outside my balcony on the way to its landing spot just outside my apartment complex.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the President ordered a half size “Super Sub with everything”According to the menu it’ll cost him $4.41. He did use his age as an excuse though for only ordering half a sandwich,

“I want everybody to know when I was 20 I could order a 12-inch. I’m turning 49 next week, which means I need just the half,”

The White House did release one photo of President Obama collecting his sub.
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There was one man arrested at the site for crossing a police/Secret Service barrier. Did this man seriously come all the way from Princeton just to pull a stunt like this?

I’ve been blogging about Obama’s trip to Edison here
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