Some thoughts on LeBron James

We are about 3 hours away from “The Decision” and this LeBron stuff keeps getting more and more absurd by the hour. I’ve been reading and hearing things in the past few days about LeBron’s decision and some of them just make no sense. Like I mentioned the other day, I just didn’t think LeBron’s ego would allow him to sign with Miami but it is looking like me and most others were wrong on this.

Why would anyone criticize his decision to go to Miami? For years people have been calling him selfish. For years people have been saying LeBron doesn’t about winning. For years people have been saying that LeBron only cares about his brand. So I have to ask again, how can anyone criticize him if he actually does sign with Miami? If he does sign with Miami he will get a smaller (as ridiculous as that sounds given the amount of money we are talking about here) contract then the one he would if he signed with Cleveland.

I’ve been telling people for a few years that he does not have to come play in New York to “build his brand.” This is 2010, not 1970. Sports games are televised around the world. Jerseys and shoes  of athletes like LeBron are sold around the world. Does anyone seriously think that Nike will have trouble selling “Witness” Tees if he signs with Miami? Heck, does anyone think they would have trouble selling those if he had signed with Memphis? It’s a global age. Games are everywhere, highlights are everywhere and the merchandise is everywhere. Lets stop with the archaic view of the sports landscape.

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He won’t be “the guy” on Miami. Aside from Alex Rodriguez, how many guys come to mind who have willingly moved to another team to share the spotlight when they could have been the face of their own franchise? Basketball fans for years have said that he only cares about himself but here he is reportedly on the verge of going to Miami to share the spotlight with not one but two superstars. How does that make any sense? He’s putting himself into a position where he can win championships for the next couple of years. Would anyone really be surprised to see veterans like Tracy McGrady sign up to play for the NBA minimum in order to win a championship with this group? This is the perfect situation for LeBron. He can sign a short term deal (or a deal with an out clause) and possibly go to the Nets in 3 years when they move to Brooklyn?
I’ve seen people complain about the prime time special on ESPN. Why is anyone shocked by this? ESPN and CBS give National TV time to High Schoolers as they announce where they will be playing their college sports so why can’t one of the biggest faces of sports in the world get the same treatment? It’s not like LeBron is pocketing the money from tonight. The money is going to a great charity. 

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