Super Bowl XLVIII is coming to the Meadowlands!

Great news from the NFL earlier today as the new Meadowlands Stadium won the right to host Super Bowl XLVIII.

Chances are that the limited tickets that do open up to the general public will probably cost closer to $1,500 by the time this game is held in February 2014  but I am going to have to figure out one way or the other to actually go to this game. This might be my best chance ever to go to the game living so close to the venue and thus saving on travel expenses.

New York/New Jersey beat out Tampa Bay on the 4th ballot. Miami had been eliminated on the 2nd ballot. The 4th ballot was a surprise to me as most of the reports the last few days were hinting at a landslide for the new stadium.

I don’t understand the people who live in the NYC/NJ area and oppose this idea. There are people complaining about traffic. How is that different from any other day in this region? There is some event or another always happening in NYC and it blends right in. There is always some convention or another going on and unless you are directly involved with the event do you even notice a difference most of the time? Nope. Weather? Who cares. If it snows it’s even better. Who doesn’t love cold weather football? Heck, it probably means that more real fans will actually get into the stadium. Plus, as this NFL weather report shows, the weather in NYC during Super Bowl weekend has actually been pretty good the last 5 years. This will be a great show and I truly believe that the Super Bowl will return here further down the line as well because I am expecting this to be a huge success. Broadway will put on a show. There will be events at the Madison Square Garden. Jacob Javits Center will host Radio Row and other events. The region is more than capable of putting on a great show.

Don’t forget the finances of this as well. The 2014 Super Bowl will be part of the next TV contract negotiations. You don’t think some network will pay a premium for a NY/NJ Super Bowl?

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