Muslim man buys NFL team, Racist conservatives go insane.

Just saw a story on ESPN saying a Pakistani American has bought the St. Louis Rams. As far as I know he becomes the first Pakistani involved in North American sports in any major capacity and also becomes the first majority owner of a North American sports team. Shahid Khan is the owner of the Illionis based Flex-N-Gate. Him and his wife are also very involved with the University of Illinois.

This news has conservative pundits in an uproar because as you may remember, their hero Rush Limbaugh was turned away by the league. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote a great blog post on why the NFL should stay away from Rush Limbaugh. I wrote an entry at the time too. A Muslim buying the team of course gives extra fuel for these bigots to spread their hatred. A quick look at the blogosphere will find plenty of posts like this one. Oliver Willis has a must read on Debbie Schlussel.

I have no idea what the tax problems with the IRS are here but I can say with a certainty that those problems aren’t half as bad as what the conservative pundits will lead you to believe. There is no way the NFL hasn’t done a proper background check without letting the matter get this far.

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