NFL Wildcard Round Predictions.

Just wanted to throw some predictions out really quick as the NFL Playoffs get underway.

I will take the Jets outright. I’ll take the Eagles. I think this game comes down to a late FG. For tomorrow I am taking the Ravens with them winning outright. To wrap it up I will take the Packers.  Yes, I really do think all 4 road teams win.

I’ll throw out my predictions for the rest of the playoffs too. Lets see how that works out.

Divisional Round

Ravens over Colts
Chargers over the Jets
Saints over Eagles
Packers over Vikings

Conference Championship
Chargers over Ravens
Saints over Packers

Super Bowl
Chargers over Saints.

Anyone else want to put their predictions on the record? As always you can leave a comment here, reach me by e-mail or contact me via Twitter.

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