“Tebow Time”

I’ve been saying it on Twitter but wanted to post it here as well just so a year from now I could say “I told you so!” By November 17th 2012 Tim Tebow WILL NOT be a starting Quarterback in the NFL. Write it down.

I know he’s great for the league as far as selling merchandise is concerned but he just can’t play the position at this level. Yes, I am aware that the Broncos are 5-1 in their last six games but I credit that mostly to that defense. They’ve held their opposition to 15 points or less in four of those games. If you do that on a regular basis you will win a lot of games in this league. People have gone way overboard trying to credit Tebow for this run (no pun intended). We’ve even had people like Greg Doyle of CBS suggest he is an MVP candidate. If I had a MVP vote this year I would cast it for Peyton Manning long before I would do it for Tim Tebow.

“Tebow Time” to me is just like the wildcat offense. It won’t work long term at this level. Defenses in the NFL are too fast and smart for it.
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