2009 MLB Playoffs Day 2….Live Blog

Welcome back for day 2 of the MLB playoffs. Hopefully the games are more entertaining today then they were yesterday. We’re still a while away from first pitch today. Got some good baseball articles? Send them my way.

12:46 AM – Angels win 5-0. Big win. Needed this. Great play from start to finish. Lackey and Oliver combine for a shutout.

12:21 AM – Great start for Lackey. 7.1 innings of shutout ball. Just what this team needed. Glad the team finally scored some runs for him.

12:14 AM – What a strange inning. 5-0 Angels after 7.

12:03 AM – Angels have to capitalize here. Bases loaded nobody out as Vlad hits it off the pitcher. You can not let the Red Sox hang around.

12:01 AM – 4 walks for Bobby Abreu. Nice. Makes it two on nobody out for Vlad as Torii Hunter got hit by the very next pitch.

11:55 PM – These Wikipedia users are just crazy. C.B Bucknor’s page was updated.

During the off-season, Bucknor, who is legally blind, speaks at the Helen Keller Institute for Sensory Impaired Children.

11:45 PM – Nice play from Jacoby keeps the score at 3-0.

11:42 PM – The Angels still haven’t attempted a steal? Did not see that one coming.

11:19 PM – Speaking of good pickups by the Angels….Torii Hunter with a 3 run Homerun gives the Angels the lead here in the 5th. Still just one out.

Angels 3 Red Sox 0

11:14 PM – If a year ago you told me I’d be cheering for Bobby Abreu I would’ve called you crazy. What a pickup he’s been for the Angels.

10:44 PM – Vladmir Guerrero strikes out swing with the bases loaded to end the inning. We’re headed to the 4th in Anaheim. Still scoreless.

10:36 PM – I am liking this TBS crew doing the Angels/Red Sox series. Buck Martinez solid as usual. As bad as TBS has been doing these games so far I love the “Pitchtrax”. Everyone who broadcasts baseball needs to start copying that now.

10:00 PM – You know…I didn’t even think about it but “Pardon the Interruption” of ESPN brings up a good point.

Matt Holliday’s crotch botch: karma for missing home plate? http://bit.ly/2E1nYx

9:43 PM – As this Angels game gets underway take a few minutes to read this article on Nick Adenhart.

9:15 PM – Dodgers win on a bloop single to centerfield. Mark Loretta gets the game winning hit. Snaps 0-15 streak against Ryan Franklin. Poor Matt Holliday, drops what would have been final out. Gotta feel for Adam Wainright. Dodgers win 3-2 and lead series 2-0.

9:14 PM – Russel Martin walks to load up the bases. Winning run is at 3rd. Unbelievable. Cardinals wasting great outing from Adam Wainright.

9:11 PM – What an at bat from Casey Blake. Ends up drawing the walk. Belliard follows that up with a base hit up the middle tying this game up at 2. Winning Run is at 2nd.

9:05 PM – How did Matt Holliday just drop that ball?

8:51 PM – We head to the bottom of the 9th. Dodgers are down 1 but have 3-4-5 due up here in the 9th. Get ready for a parade of pitchers out of the Cardinals bullpen.

8:43 PM – Wainright battles out of the inning. He’s through 8. Great stuff from him as the Dodgers leave the bases loaded here in the 8th. Still 2-1 Cardinals. He threw 109 pitches giving up 3 hits and striking out 7.

8:41 PM – This is Wainright’s game to lose. Bases loaded now for the Dodgers. Kemp is up. Dodgers still trail 2-1 but there are 2 outs here in the bottom of the 8th.

8:36 PM – Jim Thome pinch hitting for the pitcher Jonathan Broxton with one on and 2 outs get plunked in the back. Orlando Hudson comes in to pinch run at first. He’s the go ahead run. Wainright still in this game.

8:29 PM – Broxton gets Pujols, Holliday and Ludwick on 9 pitches. Once again….brilliant move from Joe Torre there bringing him in that situation.

8:24 PM – Interesting move from Joe Torre. It is the right move. Bringing in the closer Jonathan Broxton here in the 8th with the Dodgers down by one but the Cardinals have the heart of their order coming up.

8:01 PM – Cardinals take 2-1 lead. With the way Wainright is pitching right now that might enough. Heads up play by Loney there getting the runner at 3rd.

Kershaw does not make it out of the inning. Joe Torre going to the bullpen with runner on first and two outs here in the 7th.

7:56 PM – This my friends is playoff baseball. We’re tied at 1 as we head to the 7th. Does Kershaw have more inning in him? Wainright is pitching a gem right now. Through 6 innings he’s allowed just 2 hits striking out 5. He’s thrown just 79 pitches.

7:31 PM – Shadows playing a factor now. Tough to hit out there. Wainright dealing right now. Just that one mistake right so far that took away his perfect game and shutout. Bottom 5 right now we are tied at 1.

6:44 PM – The starting lineups have been posted for the 3rd game of the triple header.

Red Sox:

Ellsbury, Pedroia, V.Mart, Youkilis, Ortiz, Bay, Lowell, Drew, Gonzalez with Lester pitching.


Figgins, Abreu, Hunter, Guerrero, Rivera, Morales, Kendrick, Mathis, Aybar. Lackey pitching.

Those lineups courtesy of Ian Browne.

6:27 PM – Matt Holliday solo homerun gives the Cardinals a 1-0 lead. Agree with the TBS crew….those shadows are going to come into play as the game goes on.

6:19 PM – Rockies win 5-4. Huston Street gets Victorino out to end the game. Rockies win 5-4 and split the two games in Philadelphia. Game 3 Saturday with snow in the forecast.

6:17 PM – Meanwhile over at Dodgers stadium the Cardinals just went down 1-2-3 in the first inning.

6:15 PM – Jimmy Rollins base hit to right field. Winning run on first now for the Phillies. There are two outs.

6:11 PM – Matt Stairs draws a one out walk…..and with the bench quickly emptying for the Phillies Cliff Lee comes in to pinch run. He’s the tying run here in the bottom of the 9th. With Cliff Lee coming into the game every member of the Phillies starting rotation not named Pedro Martinez has come into the game today.

6:00 PM – We’re headed to the bottom of the 9th here. The Phillies are down by one and will have the bottom of the order coming up against closer Huston Street.

5:56 PM Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe is reporting that the Yankees plan on keeping Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen if they advance beyond the Divison Series.

5:48 PM – Jayson Werth win a solo shot. Phillies down just 5-4 now in the bottom of the 8th. Two outs and Raul Ibanez coming to the plate as the Rockies make a pitching change.

Has anyone benefited more from playing in Citizens Bank Ballpark then Jayson Werth?

5:43 PM – Is TBS serious with this “language of the game” thing? Baseball fans know how to calculate stats

5:39 PM – Horrible job by the Rockies. Bases loaded and one out and the Rockies get nothing out of this inning. Lead just 5-3 as head to the bottom of the 8th. Jason Giambi strikes out to end the inning.

5:30 PM – The Rockies need to add a run or two here. Two on and nobody out here in the 8th.

5:11 PM – Good work from Scott Eyre. Comes into a tough situation and gives up only one run on a sacrifice fly. We’re headed to the bottom of the 7th and the Rockies lead 5-3.

5:00 PM – Tough luck for the Phillies. Looks like Happ just hurt himself. Grounder came straight back and hits him in the leg. He seems to limping after his warmup tosses. Tough break for Phillies. Pedro Marinez has to start game 3 now for the Phillies right? Bases loaded for the Rockies no outs. Pitching change yet again.

4:57 PM – Joe Blanton can’t shut the Rockies down here in the 7th. They have runners on the corner and the Phillies are going to the bullpen again. In comes Happ. No one out.

4:51 PM – Raul Ibanez with another big hit brings in two more for the Phillies. They are down just 1 now. Headed to the 7th inning. Rockies lead 4 to 3.

4:39 PM – Runners on first and third no one out for Ryan Howard here in the bottom of the 6th. His double scores one. Runners on 2nd and 3rd nobody out right now. Pitching change for the Rockies. Colorado still leads 4-1

4:32 PM – I have to ask again….why is 1050 ESPN Radio in New York not broadcasting the first game of the day? It’s not like Michael Kay’s show does great ratings going up against Mike Francesa and WFAN.

4:18 PM – Phillies pinch hit for Hamels here in the bottom of the 5th. He’s only thrown 83 pitches but with being down 4-0 and a man on first here they have to try and get some runs here.

4:16 PM – Good work by TBS (wait…did I really just type that?) on that replay. What was Gonzalez doing there? That was a big run there. If he gets thrown out at 3rd there and the score stays at 3-0 it’s a completely different game.

Rocies lead 4-0

4:08 PM – Just as the Rockies get that double to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out here in the 5th, Jayson Stark brings some bad news for Phillies fans:

Cole Hamels’ last win in a day game? (Cue Jeopardy music.) It was in LAST year’s LDS. That was 10 starts ago (in the sun)

3:53 PM – We head to the bottom of the 4th with the the Rockies leading 3-0. That was Torrealba’s first homerun since early May.

By the way did you guys see this? I know it is not baseball related….but it is sports related.

3:5 PM – Homerun Yorvit Torrealba. It’s a two out, 2 run shot. Rockies lead 3-0.

3:42 PM – We’re only in the 4th inning of the first game on the second day of these playoffs but George Lopez is already getting on my nerves.

3:34 PM – Good work from the Rockies getting ahead early. They obviously wanted a couple more in the early going. They can’t let Cole Hamles settle in. Only way the Rockies win this series is by getting into this Phillies bullpen.

Rockies 1 Phillies 0

2:37 PM – Getting ready for first pitch in the Phillies/Rockies game. As much as I dislike all Philadelphia sports teams I have to say that everyone has to check out Citizens Bank Ballpark. It is an amazing ballpark. Went there a couple of years ago for a Mets/Phillies game.

1:55 PM – Yankee fans need to seriously back off about Jeter having 18 playoff Homeruns. Have they seen how many playoff games he’s played? Mickey Mantle had 18 World Series homeruns. This is yet another reason why I hate Yankee fans.

Listening to Mike Francesa on WFAN and Yes Network in the meantime. WFAN is moving to a new studio in Manhattan after 22 years. Show starts off with a Mike Francesa tradition. Listening to audio clips from WCBS880 Yankees Radio play by play man John Sterling. If you don’t know of him go ahead and google him. If you think Chip Caray is bad….you haven’t heard anything yet.

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