A-Rod continues to be a fraud

What a waste of time this A-Rod press conference from Tuesday ended up being. Why bother to hold this event if you didn’t have the intention to answer some legitimate questions? The Q&A lasted about 27 minutes….not nearly long enough. You would think that the Yankees would have been smarter about it and try to start putting this behind them…but for whatever reason they chose to not go that route. The moment they said that there would be no follow ups, you knew this would be a farce.

The idea was to clear up the story…instead he complicated it more. Did someone really bring illegal drugs into the country for him? He claims he didn’t know how to use the drug or whether they did work…but still injected himself roughly 72 times over a 3 year span? If you believe that I got a bridge….well you know how the saying goes.

He’s going to have to go through another one of these. I am fairly certain there is going to be more revelations when Selena Roberts’ book “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” comes out on April 14th.

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