Mats Sundin should accept a trade out of Toronto

As everyone knows I am a big time hockey fan. More importantly I am a big time Toronto Maple Leafs fan. During his tenure in Toronto, Mats Sundin has never been my favorite Leaf but I know what he has meant to the Leafs all these years. I understand the Leafs never went to the finals under his leadership and that they did underachieve at times…Mats Sundin has represented the city of Toronto well on and off the ice. It really is sad that the Leafs never did get him a set wing man in all his years. I can’t even begin to count all the guys that have come and gone without being the proper #2 that every successful team needs.

With that said the time has come to move….at least for the time being. I have no doubt in my mind that if at the end of the year he wanted to return to Toronto the Leafs would welcome him back. Accepting a trade now would help all parties involved. The Leafs can get a dynamic young player or two along with much needed draft picks. Sundin can go to a contender and make a run for that ring that has alluded Toronto for four decades.

While I respect his decision of wanting to finish his career in Toronto I don’t see why he can’t accept a deal now. Don’t get me wrong…I respect the loyalty shown to the team but it is not like he has been a lifelong Leaf. I would probably think of this differently if it was someone who had spent his entire career in Toronto.

The city of Toronto needs the Leafs to be great once again. A Mats Sundin trade now speeds up the process.

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