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GWAA votes not to participate in Tiger Woods public statement – Press Tent

GWAA votes not to participate in Tiger Woods public statement 

Great to see. Neil Best of “Newsday” was the first to suggest this yesterday on Twitter. Why don’t we see this more often, especially in politics? This will be a sham. A sham that will be carried live on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC. As I mentioned earlier, him not answering questions tomorrow makes no sense whatsoever.

Not that the whole world didn’t know already, but we finally got some confirmation that Tiger was and is returning to rehab.

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Tiger Woods only has himself to blame.

Sooner or later these people will figure it out right? They are chased by cameras and reporters pretty much everywhere they go. Every little detail of their lives are scrutinized to the utmost degree. These people take full advantage of the fame and riches that come their way but unfortunately a lot of them let it get to their heads.

Tiger Woods is just the most recent in a long list of athletes who has failed not just his family and image but his fans as well. We hear all the time that what these people do on their own time is none of our business. I agree with that to a certain point but not when the individual involved has made hundreds of millions of dollars based on his image. If you want to ruin your marriage and family life, go right ahead as it is purely your decision but don’t try to insult our intelligence by appearing in a million different commercials and pitch products. As it turns out you lied to and shamed your family. Why shouldn’t we take anything you say with a grain of salt?

Earlier this year Tiger Woods became the World’s first Billionaire athlete.

Why is it that these people deny these stories when they first get reported? This isn’t the era of Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. You can’t even compare it to the 90s. There are just so many media platforms out there that the truth in matters like this pretty much always comes out. In this era of Twitter and TMZ there is no hiding. People would probably be a lot more sympathetic if these guys admitted to their mistakes right away. The lame excuses these guys make only makes matters worse as the lies they tell are so bad that all it does is lead more people to dig into your personal life. Seriously, did anyone believe anything Tiger Woods or his agents said in the days after the accident?

Why is it that privacy only matters to these guys when they do something wrong? Where is Tiger Woods’ search for privacy when he’s doing commercials for Nike, Gatorate or Gillette? Where is his request for privacy when his picture gets plastered in sporting goods stores and billboards around the world? Where is his request for privacy when he’s releasing his own video game everywhere and wants to be in the room of every kid with an XBox, PS3 or a Wii? Where is his request for privacy when he is making close to $100 million a year in endorsement money? He gets caught being an idiot and suddenly we are supposed to pretend that this is a private matter? I feel for his wife Elin Nordegren. Right now there are people digging into her life because of what Tiger Woods did.

I should mention that I have never been the world’s biggest Tiger Woods fan. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t help but be impressed by his resume on the golf course but Tiger Woods the man has never been easy to root for. He’s been an obnoxious bully and if he was anyone but Tiger Woods he would have faced a major backlash over the years. If you haven’t seen it for yourself just go check out some of the Tiger Woods clips on Youtube. Golf holds itself to a ridiculous uptight standard that doesn’t even let fans bring cameras or cell phones to a golf course yet Tiger Wood’s antics get excused.

This isn’t some new phenomenon either. Tiger has been cursing and throwing clubs around for a long time now. When he’s not doing something himself he has his caddy to the dirty work for him. We’ve all seen his antics on TV. Remember him tossing someone’s camera a couple of years ago? PGA Tour officials continue to look the other way because he’s Tiger Woods.

I was in attendance for the Final Round of The Barclays earlier this year. My Brother and I considered following Tiger Woods around for the day but gave up on it after jut two holes. He doesn’t interact with the fans at all. There were little kids yelling his name as he walked up the fairway and he wouldn’t even look over and nod. Yet, his galleries were huge based on his name alone. We decided to follow Padraig Harrington instead and he was simply amazing. He was right there in contention with Tiger Woods but the contrast in their behavior on the course was remarkable. Harrington took time on each hole to interact with fans (especially little kids). Phil Mickelson was also really friendly with the crowd despite being way behind the leaders at this event. Watching Tiger Woods in person that day made me even happier that I have never rooted for him in his professional career.

The sporting world fell in love with Tiger Woods and his father in the mid 90s because it was a great story. It is just unfortunate that like so many others Tiger Woods the man is not half as easy to like as Tiger Woods the athlete. If you want to live a public life and make the ridiculous amount of money based on your name alone, you can’t be a hypocrite and ask for privacy in a matter like this. You can’t have it both ways.

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Would you walk away from $1.2 Million?

Can you imagine a scenario where you would get the chance to win $1.2 Million but would willingly walk away? Keep in mind that I’m not asking you to do anything illegal for that $1.2 million. Confused? Remember the name Ross Fisher. It is a name you might hear for a very long time to come. By the time you wake up this morning this story might have already been played out but read on anyways.

Ross Fisher is a professional golfer. Chances are you’ve never heard of him. But Mr. Fisher finds himself in a situation where he is willing to pass up on the $1.2 million in prize money that he would receive for winning the British Open. The win would be the biggest of his career by a long shot and would come at a tournament that you can easily argue is the biggest in his sports. He comes into the 4th and final round this morning just 1 shot off the lead. Tiger Woods didn’t make the cut. Phil Mickelson isn’t playing in this tournament and several big names also failed to qualify for the weekend’s play or are so far back that they are non-factors at this point. Seems like he has a legitimate enough shot at the win doesn’t it? Just one slight problem though. Fisher’s wife is expecting the couple’s first child. Talk about timing. Ross Fisher has said that his priority is to be there with his wife in England. The tournament is being held in Scotland so obviously not a long flight over.

It is very much possible that Fisher could be in the lead in the final round and about to wrap up the biggest win of his career….but walk away from it. Can you blame him though? How can you not root for this guy? We hear so much about selfish athletes who care about nothing but money, it really is nice to hear of a guy who’s willing to leave so much money on the table.

This got me thinking….any other scenarios under which you would walk away from $1.2 million?

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The PGA Tour (and its refund policy) is a joke.

The PGA Tour is a joke. From what I am hearing on the radio (credit to the caller who called in Mike’d up on WFAN in New York) tickets to the US Open for today cost $150 (and sadly that is not the worst offense I’m mentioning). As you might be aware it has been raining all day today in the NYC area. Here is where the joke begins.

Take a look at this note on the US Open’s website (screenshot below):

U.S Open Tickets

Thursday tickets will not be refunded or exchanged. Play will resume Friday at 7:30 AM, weather permitting. Only Friday tickets will be accepted.

Are you serious? What PR genius came up with that policy? I’m sure there were a lot of kids who chipped in and got their fathers tickets as gifts for Father’s Day. Way to go PGA Tour. Enjoy that cash…must feel like taking candy from a baby. There were 156 players in the field. Only 78 of them even made it to the course before rain came and stopped play for the day. But somehow people who bought tickets are out of luck? I’m sorry…even by New York standards that is highway robbery. We kill baseball teams, the Yankees in particular for opening their gates and taking hours before calling off a game because of rain while capitalizing on the concession sales but this is far worse.

I’m as big a golf fan as any around. But this sports and the organization that runs it just doesn’t help itself. The “spectator guide” for the “People’s Open” says:

No Cell Phones – including any cell phones with
photographic capabilities
No PDAs and/or other Portable E-mail Devices
No Cameras and/or Camcorders

For years it has been easy to crack a joke about golf and referring it to being nothing but out of shape, uptight white men. And well…lets just say that the PGA Tour seem to wanna do much about its reputation with one stupid rule after another. Here’s a little P.R tip… more fan friendly. Simple concept…might wanna think about that.

Now I understand that you can only fit so many people on the course…and that is fine. Just refund the money to those who had tickets to today while accommodating as many as you can with tickets to tomorrow.

Mike Francesa is on the case now and promises to make it a big deal on his show tomorrow. Tune in. The biggest radio voice in the NY sports market will probably make the PGA crack a little bit on this otherwise the PR nightmare they face in this town this weekend will be around for a long time. Tune in tomorrow to Francesa’s show on WFAN (660 am in NYC and surrounding areas), simulcast around the country on the Yes Network or The show runs from 1:00 PM to 6:20 Eastern time.

Hopefully the PGA Tour smartens up tonight. Meanwhile if you were one of the people that tickets today (or even if you didn’t) flood the PGA Tour with messages via twitter and other means.

The United States Golf Association
P.O. Box 708
Far Hills, N.J. 07931
Fax: 908-234-9687

PGA Tour
PGA TOUR 100 PGA TOUR Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
(904) 285-3700

PGA TOUR 126 East 56th Street
Suite 1600
New York, NY 10022

US Open
800) 698-0661.

Bethpage Black
(516) 249-0153)

P.S Looks like the Yankees heard Mike Francesa’s US Open. They had been in a rain delay for 5 and a half hours. As you might know that the Yankees have been really strict this year when it comes to letting fans slip down below into the empty seats. Well shortly after Mr. Francesa’s rant the Yankees announced at the stadium that fans could go down below and fill empty seats. Coincidence?

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“A tradition unlike any other”

In a year when many are picking him to win the Grand Slam Tiger Woods began his quest with an even par 72 today in the first round. Who are you guys rooting for? Ever since Duval dropped off the map I’ve continued to be a big fan of the two lefties, Mickelson and Weir. When all is said and done this weekend I think Mickelson walks away with the Green Jacket.

As good as Tigers has been this year there is no way I can pick him to win the Grand Slam. The competition today is just too deep. I can actually see a scenario where he wins none of the 4 major championships this year. The fields seem to get deeper every year. Ogilvy is playing really well right now. Goosen has putted really well the past couple of tournaments. As much as I despise him Vijay is always a threat. Want a long shot? How about Aaron Baddeley, arguably one of the best putters on the tour. People have been talking about Justin Rose for a couple of years and even though he really hasn’t made much noise he was the only guy not named Tiger to finish in the Top 12 at all 4 events last year. Weir has won here. Couples is always a threat here. Weir and Zach Johnson have won in the past few years. I haven’t even begun to talk about the other 3 events yet.

I love the Masters. There always seems to be guys up on the leader board that usually don’t play much of a factor elsewhere. Mark O’Meara is 3 off the lead after one round. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago when he beat out one of my all time favorites (David Duval) to win the Green Jacket. Of course most people remember that Masters more for Jack Nicklaus finishing tied for 6th shooting 2 strokes better then Tiger.