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Minaya decided against adding McNamee to staff in ’07

Brian McNamee, the former strength trainer for Roger Clemens and a primary figure in Major League Baseball’s doping scandal, was close to becoming a member of the Mets’ coaching staff last season, according to the New York Post.

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Kudos to Omar. Boy were we close to having the Mets be the “face of steroids” in NY rather then the Yankees.

Clemens phone call

So how many people here watched that Clemens conference call? The call does nothing to change my view on Clemens. Brian McNamee comes across as a joke….but at no point in the call can you definitely say that Clemens in innocent. Read more on the call here. Only good thing Clemens did was agreeing to appear before congress…..not that he had much of a choice there anyways. When asked if steroid users are cheaters….he refused to say so. When asked about the HOF he said he doesn’t care about the HOF which I don’t believe. On the call McNamee repeatedly asks him what he should do……and Clemens not once asks him to retract his statement. To me all the taped conversation does is prove that McNamee is some loser trainer who feels bad he outed one of his clients.

Phony Yankees (and their fans for that matter)

So all of a sudden all that Yankee “class” goes away? How desperate do the Yanks look right now? It will be that much sweeter to see the Yanks not win it this year with the hired gun. I like how Yankee fans are “welcoming him home”. He had a 3.99 ERA here. He had 3 of his worst years here. Aside from the one 20-3….the rest of team carried him to the championships. You idiots do realize that he’s pitched for the Yankees in only 4 of his 23 big league seasons right?

Did anyone hear the press conference with Clemens? I love how he dodged the questions about the travel perks.

How sweet would it be to hear Clemens’ name in the whole Kirk Radomski saga? How sweet will it be if Clemens lands on the DL.

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MLB Predictions

I just realized that I hadn’t put my MLB Predictions down on paper online anywhere as of yet so here they are. Some of them already seem a little shaky…but they are what they are.

AL East
New York
Tampa Bay

AL Central
Kansas City

AL West
Los Angeles

MVP – 1) Vernon Wells 2) Vladmir Guerrero 3) David Ortiz
Cy Young – 1) Roy Halladay 2) Johan Santana 3) Josh Beckett
Rookie of the Year – 1) Franciso Liriano 2) Justin Verlander 3) Ian Kinsler
Manager of the Year- 1) Jim Leyland 2) John Gibbons 3) Joe Maddon

NL East
New York

NL Central
St. Louis

NL West
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego

MVP – 1) David Wright 2) Albert Pujols 3) Ken Griffey Jr.
Cy Young – 1)Pedro Martinez 2) Roy Oswalt 3) Dontrelle Willis
Rookie of the Year – 1) Jeremy Hermida 2) Prince Fielder 3) Matt Cain
Manager of the Year- 1) Felipe Alou 2) Willie Randolph 3) Phil Garner

Angels over Red Sox in 5
Jays over Tigers in 4

Mets over Astros in 4
Giants over Cardinals in 5

Angels over Jays in 6
Mets over Giants in 5

World Series
Angels over Mets in 6

No Hockey

Yeah, so barring an absolute last second miracle there will be absolutely no NHL this year. I have to say Goodenow is an idiot…….but the owners are no saints here either. Everyone knows the union will end accepting a cap at some point, it’s just unfortunate that the idiots can’t see that right now. They’ll agree to a deal sometime next January……a deal they probably could’ve had months ago. This one isn’t gonna end looking good. There’s no way for the losing side to save face. They can’t brush it up like the MLB negotiations because these negotiations boil down to just one issue… there a hard cap or not? There’ s not gonna be a middle line and that pretty much kills any hopes for a smooth sailing in negotiations from now on. Ofcourse the owners have their share of the blame too. If these idiots could just control themselves a bit we wouldn’t have these ridiculously high salaries. It’s unfortunate that we could lose franchises because of this (let’s hope the Devils are the first to go). The Players Union needs to wake up fast. If the last TV contract wasn’t a wakeup call, I don’t know if there will ever be one. The NHL is making NO guaranteed money from it’s deal with NBC. Granted NBC is gonna be great for hockey….but it’s not instant money for the NHL. Leave me your thoughts on this. You have any solutions that are realistic? I mean do we really wanna be stuck watching only basketball for the next 2-3 months?