2005 NBA Season has been boring.

This is crazy. I DID NOT watch one NBA game from start to finish this year…..hell I don’t even know if I watched the majority of any single game this year. Don’t know what it is…but I just didn’t get into the NBA this year. I’ve only watched one playoff game (the VC game tying shot at the buzzer). I can’t remember not having an interest in one of the 4 major leagues at any point. You’d think with no hockey I would’ve watched more NBA this year but it definitely hasn’t been the case.

…oh yeah, I need my Hockey. Go Canada at the WHC.

LeBron fires agent, friends get job

LeBron fires agent, friends get job

Associated Press

5/10/2005 1:53:26 PM

CLEVELAND (AP) – Cavaliers forward LeBron James has dropped agent Aaron Goodwin, who negotiated more than $135 million US in endorsement deals for the 20-year-old in the past two years.

James sent a standard letter to the NBA players’ association on Monday saying he had ended his relationship with Goodwin, union spokesman Dan Wasserman said.

James’ surprising decision to drop his agent comes less than two years after Goodwin got him a $90 million landmark deal from Nike – the richest initial shoe contract offered to an athlete.

Goodwin also helped James secure multimillion deals with Upper Deck, Coca-Cola, Bubbilicous and Juice Batteries.

Goodwin did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

James is expected to turn over some of his management duties to close friend Maverick Carter, a former teammate at Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary High School who currently is employed by Nike. Randy Mihms, who serves as James’ personal assistant and road manager, and Rich Paul, another James confidant, also are expected to take on more active roles in his representation.

James and his three longtime friends call themselves the ”Four Horsemen.”

Goodwin’s relationship with James dates to the all-star’s senior year in high school. Goodwin attended many of James’ high school games before adding the young star as one of his clients in 2003.

On the eve of the NBA lottery that year, Goodwin brokered the deal with Nike, which outbid Adidas and Reebok for James.

Goodwin also represents Portland guard Damon Stoudamire, Orlando rookie Dwight Howard, Boston guard Gary Payton and Knicks guard Jamal Crawford.

There’s no way this story ends up with a happy ending. Putting friends incharge of that much money is just plain stupid.

Long time

So much for keeping updating this thing regularly. With school finally coming to a close there should be more posts here. Glad to see the Yanks struggling big time in the early going. Don’t have that much of a problem with the Angels at this point either other then the fact that Finley is proving why I hated that signing. I’m not too sure about Cabrera either. I didn’t want Tiger to win the Masters…..and definitely can’t believe that he did. Let’s just say that Kentucky Derby was odd. Now I didn’t want The Boss’ horse winning it…..but I definitely didn’t see this result coming. Glad to see Pakistan whoop the Indians. Nice to see UNC return to glory but definitely a little surprised to see them all leave for the NBA. No idea what the 9ers were thinking in picking Smith. I wanted one of the WRs and then wait for Leinart next year. I leave you with these words for the night…..

The dumbness of dumb people will never stop to amaze me…..who the hell can possibly be dumb enough to steal atleast one $250 paintball gun from someplace……get away with it…..and then come back half hour later just in time for the cops to be called on you?

….and oh yeah, I need my hockey back.

Super Bowl XL

Now I’m listening to Mike and the Mad Dog this afternoon and they were tossing around possible particiapants in next year’s Super Bowl and that ofcourse led me to ponder my picks. Now ofcourse there are several teams on the rise like the Redskins, Bills, Bengals, Lions, Texans, etc and pretty much everyone is gonna have major personnel changes between now and opening weekend but….here’s my early picks for next season.









Wildcard Round
Jets over Jaguars
Patriots over Chiefs

Eagles over Lions
Giants over Vikings

Divisional Round
Colts over Patriots
Jets over Steelers

Falcons over Giants
Seahawks over Vikings

Conference Championship
Colts over Jets
Falcons over Seahawks

Super Bowl XL
Colts over Falcons

Super Bowl

Wow, was that pathetic or what. I’m gonna tag McNabb with the overrated tag (and no it’s not because he’s black either). What the hell was he doing? How much time did the Eagles waste in the last 5 minutes? Is this man not smart enough to call 2 plays in one huddle? It’s not exactly rocket science. So at the start I was sort of pissed that I was working and was pretty much gonna miss the entire first half of the Super Bowl. With the way the 2nd half turned out I wouldn’t have mind missing that either. What a terrible game. What a terrible finish. I can’t remember the last time I was this apathetic going into a championship game in ANY sport (and I mean ANY). McNabb was horrible….and especially those last 5 minutes. I don’t want to see anyone mention him among the top QBs in the league. He looked lost out there in the 4th quarter. What the hell were they doing running down all that time with less then 5 minutes to go? T.O played a hell of a game. Westbrook was nice too……McNabb just killed the Eagles. Eagle fans/McNabb fans…….there’s only one word to describe McNabb tonight….O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. He choked when it mattered….and I mean choked. I don’t want to see no Chunky Soup commercials with him or his damn mother until this man can prove he can lead his team with something on the line.

So….when to pitchers and catchers report?

No Hockey

Yeah, so barring an absolute last second miracle there will be absolutely no NHL this year. I have to say Goodenow is an idiot…….but the owners are no saints here either. Everyone knows the union will end accepting a cap at some point, it’s just unfortunate that the idiots can’t see that right now. They’ll agree to a deal sometime next January……a deal they probably could’ve had months ago. This one isn’t gonna end looking good. There’s no way for the losing side to save face. They can’t brush it up like the MLB negotiations because these negotiations boil down to just one issue…..is there a hard cap or not? There’ s not gonna be a middle line and that pretty much kills any hopes for a smooth sailing in negotiations from now on. Ofcourse the owners have their share of the blame too. If these idiots could just control themselves a bit we wouldn’t have these ridiculously high salaries. It’s unfortunate that we could lose franchises because of this (let’s hope the Devils are the first to go). The Players Union needs to wake up fast. If the last TV contract wasn’t a wakeup call, I don’t know if there will ever be one. The NHL is making NO guaranteed money from it’s deal with NBC. Granted NBC is gonna be great for hockey….but it’s not instant money for the NHL. Leave me your thoughts on this. You have any solutions that are realistic? I mean do we really wanna be stuck watching only basketball for the next 2-3 months?


Welcome, so it looks like I’ve once again entered the world of bloggers. I don’t know why I stopped “blogging” the first time but this time should be different. So, what should you expect to see here? Most of the time you’ll see my views here on sports and politics. Now for those of you know me (and chances are you’re reading this because you know me) you already know which way my loyalties lie….and what most of my views would probably will be. Chances are that you’re gonna disagree with me(especialy on the political stuff) but sign up and leave your comments here anyhow and hopefully it builds towards a solid discussion. You’ll see the occasional movie review here…..although I gotta say I’m not that regular of a movie goer. You can expect toread my views on things that annoy me in the world and things that need to be changed. Hey, I gotta vent somwhere about Bush and Co. for the next 4 years right? With that said continue on you as you see the The World According to…..Me.