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Baseball Hall of Fame Fan Vote

We go through this every year around this time. As ballots cast for the Baseball Hall of Fame get released there are always a few that leave you scratching our heads. Pedro Martinez being left off of 49 ballots was head scratching. Three people leaving Ken Griffey Jr. off their ballots was crazy.

These ballots should be public. Members of the Baseball Writers Association of America should have to explain their votes. Some of these ballots continue to make no sense. This one from Mark Purdy is just the latest example of one that is just embarrassing. His responses to people calling out his Madness are even worse (here, here,here,here,here and here).

The Baseball Hall of Fame is to blame too. Their actions on what to do with players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have been terrible. That letter that Hall of Fame voters received this year from “Joe Morgan” was an act of cowardice of the Hall of Fame. Transparency isn’t too high on the Hall of Fame’s list. They overruled the BBWAA this past year on making all the ballots public. If the Hall of Fame doesn’t want players in, they should come out and say so. Otherwise they should back off.

With how crowded the ballot has become I understand picking ten players isn’t easy. I’ll have a follow up post with the ten players I would vote for if I had a ballot. For now I want to know how you would vote. With the help of my brother I have put together this form. In the first part of the form please select up to ten players that you would vote for if you had a vote. You can vote for less than ten players if you’d like but you cannot vote for more than that. The second part is a yes or no. If you were going to vote for more than ten players this part will be helpful to you. A simple yes or no answer on which of the 33 players on this year’s ballot you consider to be worthy of the Hall of Fame. Ever since I started following Ryan Thibodaux‘s incredible Hall of Fame Tracker that he updates as BBWAA members make their ballots public I have wanted to do this. Hopefully this will become an annual thing. As people vote the results will be updated here.

Hall of Fame Ballot

Fan Vote Results