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Kevin Durant to the Warriors

I had thought recently that Kevin Durant leaving the Okahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs was a very real possibility so it didn’t surprise me when I saw on Twitter that this happened

I absolutely love this move. Kevin Durant absolutely made the right move here. It was too big g of a risk for him to stay and watch Russell Westbrook leave next year and break up the team. Of course there is a possibility that Westbrook has already told him that he has thought about leaving at the end of next year. 

So many people make a lot of stupid points about athletes in team sports needing championships to solidify their place in history. Why is it that so many of those same people get mad at athletes doing whatever they can to increase their chances of getting that championship? I don’t want to see anyone in Oklahoma City question his loyalty. Need I remind you that the city took a franchise from another fan base? The team has been smart in its response. No Dan Gilbert style silly letters. 

It is so hypocritical to knock someone who leaves for a better opportunity. The great Richard Deitsch rightly took Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith to task for their stupidity and hypocrisy on this subject. 

Saw this interesting tidbit from Erik Koreen . Perhaps the extra year and more money doesn’t appeal as much when they are already making ridiculous money. 

Would love it if ESPN/TNT forced NBA to schedule Warriors games earlier