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HQ Trivia

Have you heard of HQ Trivia? Are you playing HQ Trivia?

The game show on your phone launched back in August on the iPhone. The people behind the game Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov (co-founders of Vine) left Twitter to start up a new company. Tech Crunch did a story on them back in October . The game is simple enough. Answer twelve questions in a row and take a share of the cash prize. Answer one question wrong and you’re eliminated. You can get one extra life per game by referring other people to join. If you’re reading this and download the app please use referral code sahyder1.

The questions go from easy to hard and the categories are randomly selected for each question. Each of the twelve questions is multiple choice and you have just a few seconds to pick from the three choices. They say you have ten seconds to pick an answer from the moment the host starts reading the question but in my experience you get less than that so pick fast. Once you pick an answer it locks in, you can’t change it even if you are quick enough to change your mind. If you win they pay you through PayPal.

The game is played live through the app at 9 PM Eastern every night. They also play at 3 PM Eastern Monday through Friday. The minimum prize has already jumped from $1,000 to $1500 to its current $2000 in the three weeks since I started playing. Sunday night games have been for $10,000 and $12,000 since I started playing but tonight they are playing for $18,000 at 11:45 PM Eastern. The game is now available for those with Android devices too. They regularly attract attract more that 500,000 contestants and I have seen them go to almost 800,000. The numbers will obviously increase now that it is not iPhone exclusive. As you’d imagine they do have some technical difficulties as more and more people play. They’ve had to delay their broadcasts or restart games a bunch of times but that is somewhat understandable.

I had heard of the game because of Twitter and the PR disaster the company created because of their own arrogance but I finally started playing three weeks ago after my brother got me to try it and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve always been a trivia person so this was a no-brained. This really does feel like the next evolution for game shows. Who wants to a Millionaire briefly tool the title from Jeopardy as far as trivia game shows are concerned but this feels different. I’ve personally only gotten to about question 8 myself but just the other day my dad, my brother, my sister and I were able to get all the way to question 11.

It is a great idea and once they start monetizing it by selling advertising or even selling a couple of questions to brands they are bound to make a lot of money. I asked on Twitter a few weeks ago but I’m sure TV Networks are figuring how to put out a copy cat show. Not sure how it’d work with the delay live TV has but one of the networks will probably do something similar soon. There is a copycat on your phone already called “The Q” but they seem to be having trouble even going through their games with a much smaller audience. They aren’t a serious competitor yet.

The game seems to be getting bigger every week and getting big names to promote it. Dan Rather had a Facebook post about it the other day. Jimmy Kimmel gave them a shout out yesterday and they are partnering up with ABC tonight. I’ve seen several people post photos on social media of companies taking a break at 3 PM and playing the game as a team building exercise.

Are you playing the game? How do you like it? Once again if you do sign up after reading this please use referral code sahyder1.