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Racism and the Asian community

Take 12:03 out of your day today & watch this from Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Racism is absolutely an issue in the Asian community. Have seen the discussions start to pop up over the last week but so much more needs to be said and done.

An inferiority complex exists in large parts of the Asian community. I understand where so much of it originates but how many of us have these conversations with older people in our families & communities? TV & the aftermath of colonization played a huge part in their mindsets but how much have we done to change that?

Far too many Asians didn’t grow out of their subservience from the days of colonization. Many still haven’t done it to this day. It is a widespread problem. The amount of people that distance themselves & their families from their languages & cultures is mind boggling.

It is a wider problem than this but I’ll just stick with Pakistan & India for the moment. How many of us know of people that don’t speak Urdu/Hindi/whatever other language applies to you at home but English. I’m talking about people currently living in Pakistan/India. It happens in all parts of society but an example that always sticks out to me is when people criticize Pakistani cricket players for speaking in Urdu instead of English while giving interviews.

It is this inferiority complex & subservience that dates back to the brainwashing from colonization. This carries over to people who have immigrated elsewhere. How many people do we knew of that distance themselves from their culture after moving to US/Canada/Europe?

How many people give up their language, cultural clothing, etc. because their inferiority complex. I know people that won’t go to a store in a Kurta Shalwar. Why? What makes a shirt & pant ok to go to a store in but not a kurta shalwar? A false sense of inferiority.

How many immigrant families have no connection to their native languages within a generation (or less for that matter). It is a problem mostly with people who immigrated in the 70s & 80s but goes beyond that too.

It applies to society as a whole but far too many Asians and Muslims didn’t get involved politically when they got here in the 70s and 80s. It has had long lasting on the bigotry towards Muslims.

It had an impact on the continued bigotry towards African Americans because people who should have gotten involved in the political process in their communities chose to largely remain silent because they decided bigotry towards African Americans wasn’t their problem.

A lot of the racism towards African Americans & Native Americans in Asian communities dates back to early days of television & what people saw. The negative portrayal of those groups on British/American cartoons, TV Shows and movies made its way to Asia eventually.

So many people who immigrated here in the 70s and 80s have had this false mindset that corruption doesn’t happen here like “back home”. They’ve chosen to be ignorant because for the most part it didn’t directly impact their personal lives. In Pakistan or wherever you came from you called it bribery, but the very same thing gets called a “political donation” here. People are fine with getting PBA cards here but talk about corruption/bribery related to police back home.

How many people vote or get other people to vote? How many people choose to be informed on political matters? How many people know how Congress works? How many people vote in their local elections? How many people just share nonsense from Facebook, WhatsApp & youtube without taking 30 seconds to fact check. Do you call out people for sharing obvious lies and falsehoods? What are we doing to eliminate ignorance in our families and communities?

The conversations happening in group texts, DMs and other places have been encouraging but they are just a start. A lot of people have to look hard at a lot views they hold and what they’ve done with them.

What the heck just happened?

It has been a week but the magnitude of the disaster of election night has not fully set in yet. I was extremely confident about which way this election would go. I thought America had a ton of racists, just not that many racists. It turns out I was wrong and  I gave America too much credit. It turned out we had exactly that many racist people in this country. 

Embarrassing is the only word I could think of in the moment. I don’t think there is a better word to describe what happened. Good people around the world are laughing at us and rightfully so. I have believed all along that Trump got into this for publicity. Even he didn’t that the GOP primary voters were that crazy. He was just as wrong as we were. He apparently told Chris Christie that he expected to be out of the race by October 2015

This election was a wake up call for a lot people. Included among them are people who immigrated here in the 60s and 70s. So many of them did absolutely nothing to make themselves a political force. They chose to try and assimilate as if that was going to make racists amongst us dissappear and accept them. Living in denial that something like this would happen here. They could’ve built a strong platform that would’ve strengthened their voting block but they didn’t. This  really was inevitable. 

I don’t want to hear any talk from Trump voters about not all Trump voters being racists. They voted for a guy who from the very first day of his campaign laid out a race war. He campaigned on a platform of bigotry. You embraced him. You own it now. Most of them were so uninformed that it would’ve funny if it went so scary. One thing 2016 made clear was it brought these people out of hiding. In some ways it is a great thing too. We all know people who were around us being fake all these years, at least we know fully the darkness and hatred that was inside them all these years. These people revealing themselves as Trump supporters has just confirmed a lot of the hunches we already had about them. 

There are a lot of dark days ahead. Donald Trump has given a voice to white supremacists everywhere. Hate crimes against Muslims were up 67% in 2015. The 2016 numbers will obviously go much higher. Racist incidents are getting reported at a crazy pace

Our local Mosque here held an active shooter training this week. Have to imagine Mosques around the country will be doing something similar in the weeks to come. 

So what exactly what went wrong? Van Jones spoke well on CNN about the “Whitelash“. The bigotry that was unleashed towards Barack Obama was no coincidence. They planted the seeds for hatred amongst people they could easily fool and take advantage of and that they did. The birther stuff wasn’t a coincidence. The Republican controlled congress doing absolutely nothing  was by design. The crazy talk of building a wall, banning Muslims and jailing Hillary Clinton was not an accident. How long until these people figure out they were duped? How much do hate crimes increase when these people figure out that there will be no wall? 

Even before so many in the media got caught up in her emails while giving Trump a compete pass, Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate. By now we’ve all read about the questionable campaign strategy in the final days of the campaign. Basically handing her the 2016 nomination in 2008 was a mistake. I truly believe Joe Biden would have won this past Tuesday. 

Where do we go from here? A good starting point would be to not treat this as something ordinary. For the love of God don’t treat this like a regular Presidency. Way too many people treated him as a regular candidate and look at where it got us. Don’t normalize him. This is a bigot. He was a racist long before he became a candidate. It seriously goes back to at least the 1970s. He launched his campaign on a platform of hatred, bigotry and division. Ana Marie Cox brings up a great point, why would Trump change now? 

Don’t ask me to give him a chance. I tweeted this last week and stand by it. “We have to give the racist, sexist, sexual assaulting, violence promoting, hate spreading, money stealing fraud a chance” is a pretty weak stance.

I saw this great tweet yesterday. Couldn’t agree more with it. People who carry the Confederate flag around in 2016 commenting on the Anti-Trump is hypocrisy at its finest. 

In his very first statement from the White House Donald Trump lied. I can’t help but laugh at people who think him selecting Reince Priebus Chief of Staff is a sign of progress or him coming back to the main stream. In that very same press release he announced Steve Bannon of Breitart as his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor.  He is literally a self proclaimed white supremacist

“Give him a chance!” 

Donald Trump really doesn’t even have the most basic idea of what he is getting into. Him and his team were surprised to find out that they have to hire a new staff. Did these guys not watch The West Wing?

One of his actions after winning the election was to send out a tweet condemning protestors. We still haven’t heard him say anything about the hate crimes being commuted in his name aside from a throwaway line during the 60 Minutes interview. 

“Give him a chance!” 

He has no clue about what kind of President he wants to be. In a matter of seconds he’s saying stuff that contradicts things he said just seconds earlier. 

His business dealings are extremely shady. He didn’t release his tax returns so God knows what dark secrets are there and who he is beholden too. He wants to get his kids security clearance? The same kids who are supposed to be running his business? He is going to make a ton of money doing shady stuff in office isn’t he? Remember his comments on the housing market crisis? Do you really think he wouldn’t take the opportunity to attempt to manipulate things so he gains financially? 

“Give him a chance!” 

Remember when Richard Nixon said “when the President does it it that means it is not illegal.” Donald Trump’s allies are already using the same talking points.  He has Pam Bondi on his transition team. The same Pam Bondi that he bribed to get charged dropped against him.

“Give him a chance!” 

Remember all that talk about Hillary Clinton receiving a debate question ahead  of time? Fox gave at least one question to Trump as well. The network covered Hillary Clinton/DNC extensively despite knowing they had done the exact same thing. Remember Hillary’s emails? Mike Pence is currently trying to keep his emails from becoming public

Barack Obama and Seth Myers absolutely humiliated Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner and rightfully so. Unfortunately now we as a nation are paying a price for it. 

I hate empty gestures. Don’t get fooled by Trump claiming to only take $1 in salary as President.  If he was that worried about taxpayers he would be paying taxes. If he was actually worried he would drop this ridiculous notion of commuting to Washington from New York City

We need to support good journalists. The next 2-4 years couldn’t be more important. In this election cycle when so many stood by and enabled Donald Trump there were a bunch that stood out for their great work. David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post was absolutely brilliant for the Washington Post. Katy Tur & Hallie Jackson of NBC, Chris Hayes & Rachel Maddowc of MSNBC, Sopan Deb of CBS & Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star. I know I am missing others but this group was a must follow for me daily and I’m sure they’ll remain the same in the days ahead. 

A lot of people are going to continue to tell us that we are a conservative country. Don’t let them lie to you. Hillary Clinton got more votes. You may see all that red in that middle of the country but relatively speaking not as many people  live there. 

Greg Popovich, Steve Kerr & Stan Van Gundy all spoke eloquently in the aftermath of the election. We need more people in prominent positions to do the same. Harry Reid was great too

There are 1,450 days left until Election Day 2020. The work needs to be under way already to fix this. That election couldn’t be more important. I am onboard for Cory Booker 2020. We all need to be more involved. Barack Obama’s decision to tackle gerrymandering post presidency became that much more important thisweek. 

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