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Will Rutgers honor Greg Schiano on Saturday?

About a month ago I asked on Twitter if Rutgers was going to do to honor former Head Coach Greg Schiano
It is now game week. The game against Ohio State is just day away so I have to ask the same again. Will Rutgers do something to recognize Greg Schiano’s contributions to the Rutgers Football program? 

Like I wrote at the time, Greg Schiano leaving and especially the way he left hurt but blaming him completely would not be fair. Rutgers faced uncertainty at the time with conference realignment and a NFL job had to be a no-brainer at the time. I truly believe they he doesn’t leave for Tampa Bay if Rutgers has already known it was headed to the Big Ten Conference

With all the negativity that has come out of this fan base the last couple of years I think people forget just how bad things were when Greg Schiano first got here. He took steps to bring the Rutgers program to some level of respectability. Yes, Rutgers never went to a BCS Bowl & suffered a lot of big losses in his tenure but his importance to this program can not be understated. 

I was in the camp that wanted him to return after the Kyle Flood debacle.  My views have changed somewhat since as I have seen the overreaction  from this fan base to some loses in last two years. A Schiano return would have created even more unrealistic expectations of an overnight turnaround. 

I truly believe Rutgers should play some sort of video in the first quarter for him. Have interviews from some of the guys who played for him here and mix it with some highlights and then put him on the big screen. He has earned that ovation. He does deserve that much. Without his tenure at Rutgers there is no stadium expansion and there is no Big Ten. 

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