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Racism and the Asian community

Take 12:03 out of your day today & watch this from Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Racism is absolutely an issue in the Asian community. Have seen the discussions start to pop up over the last week but so much more needs to be said and done.

An inferiority complex exists in large parts of the Asian community. I understand where so much of it originates but how many of us have these conversations with older people in our families & communities? TV & the aftermath of colonization played a huge part in their mindsets but how much have we done to change that?

Far too many Asians didn’t grow out of their subservience from the days of colonization. Many still haven’t done it to this day. It is a widespread problem. The amount of people that distance themselves & their families from their languages & cultures is mind boggling.

It is a wider problem than this but I’ll just stick with Pakistan & India for the moment. How many of us know of people that don’t speak Urdu/Hindi/whatever other language applies to you at home but English. I’m talking about people currently living in Pakistan/India. It happens in all parts of society but an example that always sticks out to me is when people criticize Pakistani cricket players for speaking in Urdu instead of English while giving interviews.

It is this inferiority complex & subservience that dates back to the brainwashing from colonization. This carries over to people who have immigrated elsewhere. How many people do we knew of that distance themselves from their culture after moving to US/Canada/Europe?

How many people give up their language, cultural clothing, etc. because their inferiority complex. I know people that won’t go to a store in a Kurta Shalwar. Why? What makes a shirt & pant ok to go to a store in but not a kurta shalwar? A false sense of inferiority.

How many immigrant families have no connection to their native languages within a generation (or less for that matter). It is a problem mostly with people who immigrated in the 70s & 80s but goes beyond that too.

It applies to society as a whole but far too many Asians and Muslims didn’t get involved politically when they got here in the 70s and 80s. It has had long lasting on the bigotry towards Muslims.

It had an impact on the continued bigotry towards African Americans because people who should have gotten involved in the political process in their communities chose to largely remain silent because they decided bigotry towards African Americans wasn’t their problem.

A lot of the racism towards African Americans & Native Americans in Asian communities dates back to early days of television & what people saw. The negative portrayal of those groups on British/American cartoons, TV Shows and movies made its way to Asia eventually.

So many people who immigrated here in the 70s and 80s have had this false mindset that corruption doesn’t happen here like “back home”. They’ve chosen to be ignorant because for the most part it didn’t directly impact their personal lives. In Pakistan or wherever you came from you called it bribery, but the very same thing gets called a “political donation” here. People are fine with getting PBA cards here but talk about corruption/bribery related to police back home.

How many people vote or get other people to vote? How many people choose to be informed on political matters? How many people know how Congress works? How many people vote in their local elections? How many people just share nonsense from Facebook, WhatsApp & youtube without taking 30 seconds to fact check. Do you call out people for sharing obvious lies and falsehoods? What are we doing to eliminate ignorance in our families and communities?

The conversations happening in group texts, DMs and other places have been encouraging but they are just a start. A lot of people have to look hard at a lot views they hold and what they’ve done with them.